Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The GreatCall Samsung SCH-r100 for Seniors

I discovered another Samsung cell phone for seniors while browsing the GreatCall (the folks behind the Jitterbug) website. The Samsung SCH-r100 is a simple and affordable phone that can handle

This handset was included in a line-up of Jitterbug handsets, an indication of its potential as a great mobile phone for senior citizens.

The Samsung SCH-r100 features a basic bar style design with an attractive price of $39 that does not require a service contract. MetroPCS is selling this handset as the Samsung Stunt.

Let's look at the features that make the Samsung SCH-r100 a good handset for the elderly.

This simple cell phone sports an internal display measures 1.7 inches. It's smaller than most mobile phone for seniors but it can still work well. It offers 65,000 colors and 128x160 pixels which may seem sub par but they are within the specs that are expected of its class.

The Samsung SCH-r100 or Stunt offers a user-friendly keypad and navigation buttons. Its four-way directional navigation pad with its shortcuts to the address book and messages are easy to learn. The handset's keypad has a slight upward curve that leaves room for comfortable typing. The plastic troughs between the rows of keys also keep the Stunt's buttons from feeling too flush.

Other key features for this cell phone for seniors include Bluetooth, caller ID, speakerphone, SMS and speaker-independent voice commands. The GreatCall version also provides 24/7 access to friendly operators

That's it for this quick look at the Samsung SCH-r100 Stunt. Tune in as we bring you fresh news and more mobile phones for the elderly.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Cheap AT&T F160

I discovered anew cheap mobile phone that can be a great gadget for senior citizens. The AT&T F160 is an affordable hone with solid features that can answer the needs of the elderly.

Let's explore the potential of this mobile phone for seniors.

The most attractive feature of the AT&T F160 is its retail price. This mobile phone is currently being sold for free with a contract. It's no smartphone but it does offer a few nice features which are not usually found on free cell phones.

The handset's design is fairly simple. It's a bar style design with a compact body that measures 4.57" x 1.93" x 0.44" and weighs around 4 oz. Its form factor is built around its basic calling functionality.

Now on to the top features that make the AT&T F160 a good cell phone for seniors. This handset sports a 2.4 inch display. The size is good for seniors with weak eyes. The 40 x 320 resolution and 262K color supports also makes this display easy on the eyes.

The AT&T F160 also provides a user-friendly keypad. The buttons are fairly large and raised above the surface.

This handset for the elderly is also hearing aid compatible so can be useful for consumers with weak hearing.

The other highlight features of this senior-friendly phone include a 3.0MP camera with 5x zoom and video recording, integrated GPS, Bluetooth compatibility, speakerphone and voice dialing.

That's it for this cheap mobile phone for seniors. Tune in every week for more phones, accessories and services for senior citizens.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

The Straightforward and Simple Samsung SPH-M360

Here's another mobile phone for the basic phone market that's fits the needs of senior citizens. The Samsung SPH-M360 offers a straightforward design with a couple of extra features. It's also one of the new cell phones that seniors should consider.

The Samsung SPH-M360 offers a simple clamshell design with clean lines. It's not a flashy design but it works for senior users and anyone who wants an easy-to-use handset for making calls.

As with most clamshell phones, the SPH-M360 offer two displays. This cell phone for seniors offer an internal display that measures 2.25 inches and supports 260,000 colors (320x240 pixels). This size is adequate for elderly uses and it provides bright resolution and vibrant colors. Users can alter the backlight time and brightness make it easier on the eyes of users with weak vision.

This senior-friendly cellphone also offers a spacious and comfortable navigation array. Users can easily navigate the menu by feel because the diamond toggle and central OK button are raised above the surface of the phone. The big keypad buttons are raised slightly and brightly backlit so seniors with weak eyesight will not have any dialling or texting issues with this device.

Other notable features for this mobile phone for seniors include the GPS support for Sprint Family Locater. This feature can work in emergency situations. This simple handset also offers a 1.3-megapixel camera takes photos in four resolutions and three quality settings but does not support video capture.

That's it for this quick look at another cell phone for senior citizens. Tune in every week for more services, news, and more mobile phones for the elderly.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Consumer Cellular's Mobile Caption Service

Consumer Cellular, one of the leading wireless providers for senior citizens, has announced a new service that can aid elderly consumers with weak sense of hearing.

The Mobile Caption Service from Consumer Cellular allows users who are deaf or hard of hearing to "see" what has been said on the cell phone's display as the conversation takes place. This is a good feature for the elderly as a large number of seniors have impaired hearing.

This senior-friendly service is currently being offered on the Nokia E5. This handset is M3/T3 hearing aid-compatible and comes with a 2.4-inch display and full QWERTY keyboard. Not really a typical mobile phone for seniors but it might be worth it for user's with hearing issues.

So how does the Mobile Caption Service work? well, here is a description for the provider's website:
When you dial the number you want, your phone connects to the Relay Service Center. A live operator known as a Communication Assistant (CA) begins captioning as soon as the other person answers. You speak, listen and read during the conversation.
This service for senior citizens requires no extra charge and FCC regulations safeguards the privacy of your conversation.

That's it for this quick look at the Mobile Caption Service for seniors and the hearing impaired. Tune in for more services and cell phones for senior citizens.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Senior-Friendly Sanyo Vero

Here's another Senior-friendly cell phone from Sprint. The basic Sanyo Vero SCP-3820 is an affordable handset that ca serve the needs of senior citizens.

The Sanyo Vero was recently released a few months ago amidst monster smartphones. However, this seemingly meek mobile phone can still find a market among seniors and beginners.

This mobile phone for seniors features a clamshell design with dual displays. The main screen measures 2.4-inches. This is a good size for seniors and the display supports rich colors with vivid resolution. The external display is not very large and is only useful for displaying the time battery life and signal strength without the owner needing to open the phone.

The Sanyo Vero also comes with a user-friendly keypad that allows users to dial by feel. They buttons are a bit flat and slick but they are marked with large text and numbers. Users with visual impairments will have no problems with using the Vero because its keypad buttons also are large and are brightly backlit for dialing in the dark.

This phone for the elderly also features a menu system that is easy to navigate. This means that senior users can learn to use the phone in just a few hours. The Talk and End/power keys are also marked in green and red respectively making calls quick and easy.

The Sanyo Vero's accessible design makes it ideal for seniors with weak vision. It's also affordable and can fit the budget of elderly users.

That's it for this post. Tune in next week for more mobile phones for seniors and related topics.

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