Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Just5 Cell Phone Calling Plans for Seniors

The Just5 09 is one of the best cell phones for seniors citizens in the market. It's a simple device that is especially designed to fit the needs of the elderly.

However, the folks at Just5 know that a good mobile phone for seniors needs to be paired with a calling plan that serves the need of the elderly. The company offers 4 cell phone plans for seniors that complement the Just509 handset.

Here are the Just 5 cell phone plans for seniors:
  • Just 10: 100 minutes + 50 text messages for only $10
  • Just 20: 200 minutes + 50 text messages for only $20
  • Just 30: 300 minutes + 50 text messages for only $30
  • Unlimited: unlimited talk & text for 30 days for only $40
The features for these mobile phone plans for seniors include:
  • International Direct Dial
  • Voicemail, Call Waiting
  • Call Forwarding, Caller ID
  • International & Domestic SMS
  • Nationwide Long Distance
  • Three-way Calling
  • Additional 25ยข per text/minutes over plan
These are prepaid plans so senior users can be sure that there are no contracts, no credit checks and no activation fees. The minutes on these cell phone plans for senior citizens are good for 90 days.

That's if for this Just5 mobile phone plans for the elderly. Tune in each week as we feature more senior-friendly mobile phones, plans and related topics.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The LG GS170 from T-Mobile

We have not featured a lot of cell phones for seniors from T-Mobile so I decided to browse the carrier's line-up to find a handset that is suitable for seniors. Well, I discovered a simple flip phone that some senior citizens might find fitting for their needs.

The LG GS170 from T-Mobile is a simple handset that doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles. It belongs to the entry-level phone classification, which means that it is specially design for users who want to make phone calls and send the occasional text message.

The simplicity in its design and functions makes the LG GS170 a good mobile phone for seniors because it is easy-to-use. Since it is an entry-level handset it also comes at a very affordable price. As f the writing of this post, T-Mobile is selling it at $9.99 with a two-year contract.

The LG GS170 also offers a few features that mark it as a senior-friendly mobile phone. It sports a basic rectangular flip phone design which makes it ideal for seniors with hearing difficulties. The longer profile of clamshell handsets of flip phones minimizes any interference that may occur as a result of proximity to any hearing aid.

This T-Mobile cell phone for senior citizens sports a 1.8-inch) TFT display supports a 176x220 pixel resolution and 262,000 colors. It is a bt small but the color of the dialing font, the font size, and the backlight time can be adjusted to cater the needs of elderly users.

The keypad of the LG GS170 also makes it suitable for senior users. The keypad is roomy, and the keys themselves are a nice size. This handset's buttons have dips and curves that still make it easy to use.

Here are the main features of the LG GS170:
  • 1,000-entry phone book
  • 1.04-inch 96x64 pixel external display
  • Vibrating alert
  • External caller ID
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Calendar
  • Alarm clock
  • battery: 900mA with up to 7.5 hours Talk time
That's it for this mobile phone for seniors from T-Mobile. Join as every week as we discuss new cell phones and news for senior mobile phone users.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Senior Friendly Cell phone: Samsung T101G from Tracfone

Tracfone currently offers one of the best cell phones for seniors, the SVC phone (Senior Value Cell Phone). However, a look at their line-up reveals that this pre-paid carrier offer other handsets that can fit the needs of the elderly.

The Samsung T101G from Tracfone is a simple prepaid phone. A quick look at its features and attributes and one will be convinced that it is a senior-friendly mobile phone. Let's look at the elements that make this handset ideal for seniors.

The T101G is designed mostly for making calls and sending text messages. It doesn't offer high-end features but complicated and fancy capabilities are not required for a mobile phone for senior citizens. It does offer a 1.5-inch color screen with a 128 x 128-pixel resolution and support for 65K colors. It is a bit small but the screen can still serve the needs of users with weak eyesight.

This cell phone for senior citizens also offers a user-friendly keypad and menu. The standard navigation area under the Samsung T101G's color display include send/end buttons and soft navigation keys, and is complemented by a standard alpha-numeric keypad. This handset also offers T9 predictive text technology, which allows users to compose messages quickly. It autocompletes text on the alpha-numeric keypad and offers options for selecting the correct word.

The T101G also comes with a senior-friendly price of $14.99.

Other key features for this handset include:
  • voicemail, caller ID, and call waiting
  • phonebook with up to 100 entries
  • 15 polyphonic ringtones, clock with alarm and converter
  • keypad lock, hands-free speakerphone, external caller ID and vibrating alert
  • Size: 4.07 x 1.77 x .59"
  • Weight: 2.47 ounces
  • battery: Inner Cell 800mAh

This concludes our short look at the Samsung T101G from Tracfone. Tune in every week for more cell phones for seniors.

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cell Phones for Hearing Impaired Seniors

A large number of people who are over the age of 65 suffer from a loss off hearing. This problem extends to the realm of cell phones because handsets rely on sound for communication. Of course, modern mobile phones offer text messaging which allow seniors to communicate with friends and family. However, there are other mobile phone traits that can benefit the elderly who are hearing impaired.

Let's discuss the qualities that should be found in mobile phones for seniors who are hearing impaired.

A good mobile phone for seniors who are suffering for hearing loss should have the following features:
  • compatibility with hearing aids
  • volume control or additional amplification
  • texting capabilities
  • vibration alerts and clips
  • backlight control and neckloops
  • support for ancillary devices to enhance performance
I've already blogged about hearing aid compatible handsets for the elderly so let's touch upon the other features quickly. Vibration alerts and clips are important because they can inform a user who is hard of hearing about incoming calls. they reduce the possibility of missed calls.

The "clam shell" or flip phone design appears to be the most ideal for the hearing impaired individual. These senior-friendly cell phones are more easily held to the ear. Some handsets also have padding that can block out background noise.

The longer profile of clamshell handsets of flip phones also minimize any interference that may occur as a result of proximity to any hearing aid because the design provide increased distance from the transmission components of the cell phone.

That's it for this brief discussion on the top cell phones for senor citizens who suffer from hearing loss. Stay tuned as we discuss more related topics and cell phones for the elderly.

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