Monday, March 31, 2008

Sanyo SCP 7050: Built Like a Brick

I've found another candidate for a great cell phone for seniors. The Sanyo SCP 7050 is described as a basic phone that is rugged and durable. Basic phones are usually suitable for elderly persons because they are easy to use and they don't have complex and confusing features. However, the 7050 is more than just a basic phone because it has other attributes that makes it a useful mobile phone for senior citizens. let's explore those characteristics.

The Sanyo SCP 7050 is known as a very durable phone. It has military specs and can reliably resist vibration, dust, and shock. One user described this handset as built like a brick. But why would being so durable benefit seniors? Well, seniors usually have weak hands so they are prone to dropping objects. With its durability and resistance to shock, the 7050 can remain usable even when it has been dropped several times.

One of the factors that makes this device durable is the coating that covers it. The Sanyo 7050 is designed for durability so it is clad in a non-slip, rubberized material. Seniors will be able to grip the phone easily and they will be less apt to drop it. this device can withstand being dropped but it would still be best if it wasn't dropped at all.

The Sanyo SCP 7050 also has a large QVGA display . The 2.0-inch diagonal internal display found on the device is larger than those normally found on basic phones. The display has a resolution 240x320 pixes and can display 265,000 colors, so seniors will be able to read the screen without much difficulty. The phone also features a modern 1.0-inch diagonal monochrome external display that offers information on battery life, caller id and signal strength.

The best cellphones for seniors also features large keys for easy use. The 7050's keys are big enough to be suitable for the elderly. It's navigation and alphanumeric keys have a bubble like texture so seniors can navigate the phone easily and dial numbers by feel. seniors with poor vision will also find the pleasant blue backlight very helpful.

This handset also offers some features like text and picture messaging, voice messaging, voice-activated dialing, e-mail, Bluetooth, a speakerphone, an alarm clock, built-in GPS, and support for Sprint's Ready Link push-to-talk service. It lacks a camera but it also offers games for entertainment.

Sanyo's SCP 7050 has qualities that make it a good cell phone for seniors. However, like all handsets, this device has its share of weakness. For example, I have read several complaints about the speaker phones on this device. A consumer posted that the while on speaker phone the device must be very near the speaker or communication will be very difficult.

I also observed that the Sanyo SCP 7050 is more expensive than most basic cell phones. The durability of the device as well as the modern features probably justify the price. However, the price is an important factor in judging if a device is a suitable mobile phone for seniors. Senior consumers do not usually use their devices a lot and often use them for emergencies so paying a high price for a seldom used device may not be a good idea.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

For Emergencies Try the Jitterbug OneTouch

A cellphone with only three buttons? In this high tech world where phones have qwerty keyboards it can be puzzling to think about a mobile phone with only three buttons. Who would want such a handset?

Well, it might surprise you that a phone with only a few buttons appeal to a certain groups of people. Seniors and disabled persons can benefit from a device that do not have a large number of buttons. The best phones for senior citizens are devices that have large buttons, a bright display, and simple features. Seniors do not require sophisticated features, they want a cell phone that is easy to operate.

The Jitterbug OneTouch is a phone that is specially designed to meet the demands of the elderly and disabled persons. this unique device is manufactured by a new Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) called GreatCall. This network serves elderly people who want to keep in touch with their relatives and friends.

What makes the Jitterbug OneTouch a good cell phone for seniors? Well, there are plenty of reasons. let us begin with the special buttons and keypad. Since this phone is designed for emergencies and seniors, it does not feature the traditional numerical keypad found in most mobile phones.

The Jitterbug keypad has large, backlit buttons that seniors can see without any difficulty. the buttons are easy to press, and users can choose to pre-install their contacts into the device. This mobile phone for seniors also comes with a handy operator service that guides the elderly through the calling process.

This brillianly designed device also have hands free features that make it easier for disabled and the elderly to make a call. The Voice Dial feature allows users to dial contacts or numbers simply by saying the name or number aloud.

Seniors who have less than perfect hearing can benefit from the padded earpiece that keeps unwanted noise out and provides comfort for the elderly who wear a hearing aids. The Jitterbug's volume can be adjusted from low to super-high depending on the hearing capacity of the user. The volume can also be adjusted while the user is are on a call to make conversations go smoothly.

Since no device is perfect, the Jitterbug OneTouch also have some limitations. For instance, Seniors who are looking for more flexibility might find it too limited. The volume rocker could have also been placed in a less awkward position. Some seniors might also find it too bulky and difficult to carry around.

The Jitterbug is a good option if you are interested in cell phones for seniors. It is specially designed for them and has features that makes it valuable in emergencies. It's a simple device that ideal for the elderly and disabled users.

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Friday, March 7, 2008

Verizon's Cell Phone Plan for Seniors

I mentioned in my introduction that I won't limit my posts to cell phones for seniors. The information I will offer in this blog will also extend to other mobile phone services for seniors such as plans or accessories.

After posting 3 cellphones for old folks, I felt that a little variety would be good so I decided to blog about plans. I surfed the sites of major wireless carriers and found a plan that matched the theme of this blog. Let me introduce the Verizon Nationwide 65 Plus a mobile phone plan for old folks.

This wireless plan is designed specially for seniors and only the elderly can avail of this offer. Customers have to present a proof of that they are senior citizens because age verification is a requirement for this special plan.

But what makes the Verizon Nationwide 65 Plus a great mobile phone plan for seniors? Well, first there is the special low price. The plan offers 200 anytime minutes for only about thirty bucks per month. You might be surprised that this plan only offers 200 minutes per month but you have to remember that this plan is for seniors. Old folks don't usually make a lot of cell phone calls so 200 hundred minutes are probably enough.

This plan also offers 500 nights and weekends minutes. I think this is a good deal for a plan that cost only thirty bucks per month. More expensive plan offer unlimited Nights and Weekend minutes but senior do not require that amount of minutes. I've already mentioned that oldies do not use mobile phones a lot so this feature will fit their lifestyle.

The Verizon Nationwide 65 Plus also include the cool National IN Calling Minutes. This special offer allow seniors to all any Verizon Wireless customers anytime without using their plan minutes. This means that if a senior's friends and family are all Verizon subscribers then he can make all the calls he or she wants without using the included minutes of this special cell phone plan for seniors.

There is another cool feature that is included in this great wireless plan for old folks. This plan will not charge any long distance fees for domestic long distance calls. This means that seniors can make domestic calls without fear of incurring long distance charges. Seniors will also benefit from basic mobile phone plan features such as 3-Way Calling, Voice Mail and Caller ID from the Verizon Nationwide 65 Plus.

After my lengthy description, I think you'll agree that the Verizon Nationwide 65 Plus is a good option for seniors. It offers all the features that the elderly need for a specially low price. You can visit Verizon's website to get more information on this plan and other services that may be good options for seniors.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Motorola i760: A Good Choice for Seniors

After spending a few minutes surfing in cyberspace for mobile phones that are suitable for the elderly, I found another candidate. The Motorola i760 is described as a basic phone that has good qualities that makes it a solid cell phone for seniors. Let me discuss the attributes that makes this device a good choice for senior citizens.

When I saw pictures of the Motorola i760, the first thing I noticed was the handset's big display. The size of the display is one of the important elements that can be found in good cell phones for seniors. Old folks usually have poor eyesight so a large display would make reading the information on the device easier. Thus this device offers a display that is suited for the weak eyes of the elderly.

I also read some reviews from customer who have experience with using the phone and I noticed that they were very satisfied with the keypad. The keypad is also a vital element in choosing cellphones for seniors. A device with small buttons that are placed close together will make it difficult for an old person to dial numbers or compose a text message. The Motorola i760 has large buttons which are separated well from each other so senior citizens will have no problem dialing numbers when using the phone.

Users also praised this device because of the high earset volume, and good sound quality. These attributes also make this handset a good choice as a mobile phone for seniors. Our hearing usually degrade when we grow old, so a device that has good volume and sound quality can allow seniors to communicate well with their families.

The Motorola i760 also has features that make it a good choice for seniors. For instance, it supports Push-to-talk (PTT). This technology allows the user to instantly talk to other people owning a PTT phone on the same network. With a simple push of a button, the user can make a call. This eliminates the need for old folks to push several keys in order to make a call.

However, there are also some negative attributes associated with this phone. Those who have used the device complained that it has an unsatisfactory battery life and do not have many of the features that are found in most mobile phones. Nevertheless, the Motorola i760 has several attributes that make it a solid cell phone for seniors.

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Monday, March 3, 2008

The Simple but Durable Motorola i335

If you want to purchase a mobile phone for a senior, then you would probably be looking a simple model. After all, people who are sixty five years and older are not usually concerned with the camera or other fancy features when they need a mobile phones. The best cell phones for seniors are simple and user friendly.

The Motorola i335 is a good cellphone for seniors because it is simple, easy to use and durable. It lacks the high technology features that are trumpeted in the latest handsets, but it makes up for it in many ways. Let me discuss the attributes that makes it a suitable cellphone for seniors.

Let us begin with the design. The Motorola i335 has a practical and simple design. It's in the form of a candy bar and is sturdy enough to withstand beatings. This is a device that can still function even if it has been dropped a few times. This attribute is certainly appropriate for use by seniors. The elderly do not have a lot of strength so they are prone to dropping objects.

This device has been described as durable but that does not mean that it's bulky. Compared to earlier models, this cellphone for seniors is thinner with dimensions of 4.7 inches by 1.8 inches by 0.5 inch. However, it has been criticized for being a bit tall or long. Nevertheless, that does not make it a bad phone for old folks because it makes the device easier to hold.

Let us now move on and discuss the display and keypad of this device. Unfortunately, the Motorola i335 does not have a large display that is suitable for the elderly. The display is only about one and a half inches and the resolution is also low. Fortunately, the text or font size can be changed so that seniors can see the information more clearly.

Seniors will love the keypad of the Motorola i335 because of the rubbery, soft-touch material that coats it. The coating makes the it very tactile and user-friendly which are great attributes in a cell phone for seniors. Old folks will not misdial a number very often with this handset because the buttons have good separation.

Seniors who have weak eyes will also find it easy to dial a number with this cellphone for senior citizens. You see, the Motorola i335 has a bright backlight and the numbers on the keys are large. Your grandparents will have little problem dialing numbers in the dark with this wireless device.

Those are just the great attributes that make this phone very useful for old folks. The Motorola i335 is a simple phone that is user friendly, and durable. I'm sure there are other characteristics that makes it a good cell phone for seniors but I'll leave it to you to discover them. After all, the best way to test a phone is to use it. Tune in to this blog for more mobile phones for old folks.

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