Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Emporia Time V30 Mobile Phone for Seniors

Here's another Emporia cell phone for the elderly. This time it's a device that's a bit more sophisticated than the ultra simple Emporia TALK Premium. The fashionable Emporia Time V30 is a stylish, simple and easy to use mobile phone for senior citizens.

Like other members f the Emporia family, the Time V30 incorporates the needs of seniors into its design. It provides features to help the elderly and people whose eyesight and hearing have deteriorated.

However, it similar to the Emporia Elegance because it also includes stylish elements into the design. Simplicity and beauty are the keywords used when crafting this phone.

The senior-friendly Emporia Time V30 sports a partial clamshell form factor. This partial flip combines style with a feature that is easy to operate for those with limited dexterity.

Here are the senior-friendly features of the Emporia Time V30 phone for the elderly:
  • Oversized easy to read spaced out buttons
  • Large orange backlit display with large text size
  • Digital hearing aid compatible
  • Super loud-speaker and powerful vibration
  • Simple operation, designed for the 60+
  • No menu - controlled by slide switches
  • High end aluminum housing
  • Unlocked for use on any network
  • SMS Text Messaging
  • Super Loud Ringer
  • 3 Color Visual Alert
  • Alarm Clock
  • Emergency Panic Button
  • Built in LED Flashlight
  • Simple Calculator
  • Adjustable Volume
  • Hands Free Speakerphone
That's it for this preview of a cell phone for seniors. Tune in for more phones, plans and news for seniors.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Emporia TALK Premium Cell Phone for the Elderly

I dropped by at the Emporia website to check out any new updates on the Elegance and Solid mobile phones for seniors. I eneded up checking their other products and found a few more great cell phones for senior citizens.

Here's anther ultra simple but useful mobile phones form the makers of the Life phone. The Emporia TALK Premium is all about two things, calls and SMS. Yes, it's that simple. No confusing and sophisticated on this senior-frindly phone.

This handset is very basic so one only needs a few hours to master it. This handset doesn't even have a menu. All the functions on the Emporia TALK Premium mobile phone for seniors are controlled by the side buttons.

How about special features for seniors? Well, you have the large, easy to read text on wide display. The fonts can be altered to cater to the eyes of vision imparied users.

The Emporia TALK Premium also offers a nice friendly keypad with big buttons with excellent pressure point.

That's it for this quick look at this simple mobile phone for senior citizens from Emporia. Check out their products if you want to get something for a senior. And, of course, visit often for more phones and news for the elderly.

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

LG 420G: A Senior-Friendly Phone from Tracfone

Here's a prepaid cell phone from Tracfone that might stir the interest of senior citizens. The simple LG 420G has the makings of a good mobile phone for seniors. Let's take a closer look at this phone and see why it may be suitable for the calling and texting needs of the elderly.

First, the LG 420 is a basic handset. This phone is a simple flip phone that seniors can use without much difficulty. With senior users and beginners, simplicity is a key attribute. This phone is ideal for simple tasks like making calls or sending text messages.

The handset has a color display but it's a bit small for seniors who have weak eyes. The fonts on this phone should be customizable to make up for its size. It also has a tiny external display which shows basic information such as the time, battery and signal strength.

The keypad on the LG 420G is also suitable for elderly users. The buttons are large and raised, making dialing by feel easy and quick.

The phone is also hearing aid compatible making it suitable to the needs of senior consumers who have poor hearing. This cell phone for seniors has a (HAC) rating of M3/T3. It also comes with a speakerphone and loud alarms which are also a big help to hearing impaired consumers.

Here are the rest of the features for this prepaid mobile phone for senior citizens:
  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology
  • VGA Camera
  • Mobile Web Access
  • Text and Picture Messaging
  • Hands-Free Speaker
  • External Caller ID
  • Voice Mail, Free Call Waiting, Caller ID
  • Voice Recorder
  • Auto Redial
  • Vibration Alert
  • Phone Book with up to 1,000 Entries
  • 64 Polyphonic Ringtones
  • Alarm Clock
  • Flashlight
  • Lightweight - 2.87 ounces
  • Battery life with up to 7 hours of talk time and up to 23 days of standby time

That's it for this quick look on the LG 420G from Tracfone. Visit us next week for more news and updates on the latest cell phones for senior citizens.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Jitterbug Cell Phone for Seniors Now Available at 192 Meijer stores

One of the best mobile phones for senior citizens is now available at all 192 Meijer stores throughout Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky.

GreatCall, the moving force behind the Jitterbug mobile phones for seniors has just announced a deal with supercenter chain Meijer. This agreement means that one of the best senior friendly phones will be accessible to more elderly consumers.

Meijer stores will carry all three Jitterbug J handsets: White, Graphite, and Red.

Ryan Jones, Vice President of Sales for GreatCall comments on this development,
"We know that Jitterbug customers are consumers who look for a more personalized wireless experience, so we are very pleased that Meijer stores are now carrying the Jitterbug J handsets. The key to our continued success and attracting the attention of leading retailers such as Meijer is due in large part to giving our customers the services that add value to their daily routine, improve their safety and well-being, and help them easily connect with friends and family."
The Jitterbug is a special handset that's designed for the needs of the elderly and consumers who want a simple handset. The increased availability of this cell phone for seniors will be a big help for consumers who are 65 years old and above.

That's it for this quick update on the Jitterbug handsets. Tune in often to get more news and updates on the best deals and mobile phones for seniors.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Samsung A137: A Simple Flip Cell Phone for Seniors

Last, week I introduced the second Pantech Breeze for the AT&T network. This time let's look at another AT&T phone that's also suitable for the needs of senior citizen consumers. Here's a closer look at the Samsung A137 and the features that makes it a good mobile phone for seniors.

The simple Samsung A137 features a flip phone or clamshell design. This very basic, no frills handset is a great match for newbies. It's also a good choice for senior who want the modern convenience offered by wireless phones. This handset is so simple that senior citizens will have no problem learning how to use it.

This senior-friendly cell phone also comes with hardware features that make it ideal for elderly users. For instance, the keypad is quite user-friendly. The buttons are large and spaced widely apart making it easy to dial by feel.

The display is also suitable for weak eyes. It's not as large as other cell phones for seniors but the color display with 128 x 128 pixels resolution is good enough.

The price of the Samsung A137 is also a good match for seniors who do not have a steady source of income. At only $29.99, this handset can fit the budget of most senior consumers.

Here's a list of the features of the simple Samsung A137:
  • weight: 2.86 ounces
  • dimensions: 3.46" x 1.76" x 0.78"
  • 800mAh Li-ion battery with 300 minutes talk time and 250 hours standby time
  • external display: monochrome LCD with 96 x 96 pixels
  • MMS, 2-way text messaging, text messaging templates
  • 40 polyphonic ringtones
  • Picture ID and ringer ID
  • T9 predictive text entry
  • alarm, calculator and calendar
  • Phonebook capacity: 100 names and numbers
  • Speakerphone
That's it for this cell phone for seniors. Stay tuned for more devices and plans for the elderly.

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pantech Breeze II: AT&T's Latest Mobile Phone for Seniors

The Pantech Breeze was AT&T's answer to the Jitterbug, Verizon Coupe and other handsets that are especially designed to serve the needs of seniors. The Breeze formed a potent combination with AT&T's special rate plan for seniors. However, the carrier has decided to replace its reliable senior-friendly handset.

AT&T has now started to sell the Pantech Breeze II for a senior-friendly price of $19.99 with a two-year contract. A low price is a good attraction for seniors who do not have the luxury of relying on a fixed source of income.

Consumers may also go the unlocked route by purchasing the device for its full price of $170. This may be a lot more expensive than its contact price but its a good option if you want to be free of contractual obligations.

The Pantech Breeze II still carries on the tradition of being a suitable phone for the elderly. The 2nd generation Breeze is a simple flip phone with easy-to-use features.

However, I did notice the major changes made to the handset's keypad. In my opinion, the keypad on the original was much more suited to senior citizens.

Nevertheless, the Pantech Breeze II would still be a good choice for consumers who are interested in a cheap cell phone for seniors.

Here's a list of the key features for this device:
  • dual color displays
  • 1.3-megapixel camera with video capture
  • voice-guided GPS navigation
  • 3G connectivity
  • Bluetooth
  • speakerphone
  • microSD card support up to 32GB in capacity
Tha's it for this new cell phone for senior citizens. Visit often to get more news and updates on the latest plans, accessories and mobile phones for seniors.

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