Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The GreatCall Samsung SCH-r100 for Seniors

I discovered another Samsung cell phone for seniors while browsing the GreatCall (the folks behind the Jitterbug) website. The Samsung SCH-r100 is a simple and affordable phone that can handle

This handset was included in a line-up of Jitterbug handsets, an indication of its potential as a great mobile phone for senior citizens.

The Samsung SCH-r100 features a basic bar style design with an attractive price of $39 that does not require a service contract. MetroPCS is selling this handset as the Samsung Stunt.

Let's look at the features that make the Samsung SCH-r100 a good handset for the elderly.

This simple cell phone sports an internal display measures 1.7 inches. It's smaller than most mobile phone for seniors but it can still work well. It offers 65,000 colors and 128x160 pixels which may seem sub par but they are within the specs that are expected of its class.

The Samsung SCH-r100 or Stunt offers a user-friendly keypad and navigation buttons. Its four-way directional navigation pad with its shortcuts to the address book and messages are easy to learn. The handset's keypad has a slight upward curve that leaves room for comfortable typing. The plastic troughs between the rows of keys also keep the Stunt's buttons from feeling too flush.

Other key features for this cell phone for seniors include Bluetooth, caller ID, speakerphone, SMS and speaker-independent voice commands. The GreatCall version also provides 24/7 access to friendly operators

That's it for this quick look at the Samsung SCH-r100 Stunt. Tune in as we bring you fresh news and more mobile phones for the elderly.

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Blogger Unknown said...

I bought the Samsung 101 for my parents for emergencies and so that I could always be in touch with them. The phone only cost $15 and then it is a further $7 a month. This is a bargain and I highly recommend it for all older folk. This is a very uncomplicated phone and extremely easy to use

January 21, 2011 at 4:34 AM  

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