Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Important Jitterbug Phone Software Update

We have featured the Jitterbug phone and service in this cell phone for seniors blog. The Jitterbug is one of the leading mobile phone for seniors in the market. However, this device is also imperfect and performance issues could sometimes affect its performance.

Samsung has issued a voluntary recall of Jitterbug phone units because of an issue that causes the device to fail when connecting to 911 emergency services. This Jitterbug phone problem most often occurs when users roam outside of their defined calling area or in the a no-service area.

However, Jitterbug phones will operate normally in users' home regions.

Owners of the Jitterbug phone may visit a customer service center to have the phone's system software updated. The models SPH-a110 and SPH-a120 are included in this update. Customers can also send the phone directly to Samsung, which will upgrade the phone and return it within about a week.

Here's a letter from Sue Weaver VP of Customer Service for Jitterbug regarding this problem:

At Jitterbug, we always put our customers first. Your safety and peace of mind are our primary considerations. When we learned that many of the Jitterbug phones sold after March 1, 2008 have a software issue that could, in a "no service" area, impact certain Jitterbug phones' ability to connect with 911 emergency services, we began working with Samsung, the manufacturer of the Jitterbug, to resolve this issue.

Please be assured that this software issue does NOT affect your basic cellular service. You may continue to make and receive calls, including 911 emergency calls, wherever Jitterbug cellular service is available. Again, this is an issue only when there is “no service” available on your Jitterbug phone. So if you are in an area where you are normally able to make phone calls, this software issue will not present a problem.

Although this issue potentially affects only a small number of phone users, Samsung is providing a free update of the software in most Jitterbug phones sold after March 1, 2008. Customers eligible for the software upgrade will receive a letter from Samsung explaining the two easy methods available: 1) visit one of the designated Samsung Service Centers in your area or 2) send your phone to Samsung’s Service Center using the prepaid envelope included in the letter.

As always, our Customer Service team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist with any questions regarding this issue or any other service need you may have. Simply call 1-800-733-6632.

That's it for this latest news on the Jitterbug phone. tune in to this blog to get more of the latest news and updates on cell phones for seniors.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Large Button Cell Phones for Seniors

The keypad and it's buttons is a major factor for selecting a good mobile phone for a senior user. The elderly are not overly concerned about stylish handsets with their flat keypads and cramped buttons. They prefer a phone with a simple keypad configuration with large and widely-spaced buttons.

Let's look at a few large button cell phones for seniors and do a quick review of their easy-to-use keypads.

The Jitterbug is a premier cell phone for elderly users. And as expected its keypad and buttons are really fir for senior users. Here's what Cnet.com has to say with the keypad on these large button cell phones for seniors:
The usability of the keypad is where this phone really shines. There is a dedicated On/Off button, as well as large Yes and No buttons, along with two simple arrow keys in the middle to scroll through lists. The number keys are similarly large and amazingly tactile, making it very easy to dial by feel if you so choose. Using this phone couldn't be easier.
The keypad on large button cell phones for seniors may not look pretty but nothing can beat them when it comes to usability.

The UTStarcom Coupe 8630 also belongs to large button cell phones for seniors. The buttons are large and widely spaced so one can easily dial a number. This phone also has a dedicated 911 button which allows a user to call for emergency with a single touch of a button.

Some large button cell phones have keypads made out of special material that makes them ideal for elderly users. For example, the navigation and alphanumeric buttons on the Sanyo SCP 7050 are coated with a special material that gives them a a bubble like texture. Seniors can navigate the phone easily and dial numbers by feel due to this substance.

I would also like to mention that the lighting behind the buttons is an important factor. Size is not enough. A phone's buttons should also have good background light to allow a user to distinguish a particular key in low light conditions.

Large button cell phones are great for senior citizens. However, it takes more than just large buttons to make a good handset for senior users. The large button cell phones for seniors should also have a good display, a simple interface and other characteristics to be ideal for one's grandparents.

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