Friday, July 25, 2008

The Characteristics of a Good Cell Phone for Seniors

After posting a number on posts on handsets that are suitable for seniors, I thought that it would be helpful to make a post dedicated to the characteristics or attributes found on a mobile phone for seniors.

Here's a list of attributes that makes a handset a good cellphone for the elderly.

  • Affordability - since seniors are usually on a fixed income and do not have the luxury of going over their budgets, an affordable cellphone would be a good choice for them. There's no need to spend a ton of bucks ona smartphone that can do a lot of things because they would not be able to use them anyway. A cell phone for serniors should be affordable but reliable.
  • Large Keypad- raised, separated number keys and a large keypad are always best for seniors. A good mobile phone for seniors should offer a keypad that makes it easy for seniors to press the keys and distinguish one from another.
  • Loud Speakerphone- seniors will appreciate a handset with a loud speakerphone because they can be a solution to hearing aid incompatibility. The Speaker phone allows a user to hold the phone away from a hearing aid to reduce feedback and improve the call quality.
  • Bright and Large Display - good mobile phones for seniors should have a large brightly lit display with large text because vision tends to decline with age. Handsets that have large brightly lit screens with
  • User Friendliness- Although today's seniors are familiar with modern technology, they may not consider the need to access email or the internet from their cell phone a priority. They need a handset for emergency purposes and to simply communicate with friends and family. A simple handset will make asking for aid quicker and more efficient. A device that seniors can customize for convenience and ease of use is suitable for the elderly.
Well, these are the basic attributes of great mobile phones for senior citizens. Users can look for them or use them as guides when they are looking for a cellphone for senior citizens. Of course, phones that are suitable for the elderly may not have all of these attributes but they should have at least three of them to be judged as appropriate for seniors.

I also thought it would be helpful to list the cellphones for seniors that I have featured on this blog. Click on them if you want o get more info on these devices.

Tune in to this blog for more info on mobile phones for seniors.

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Nokia 6133: A Good Looking Cell Phone for Seniors

I've found another device that's suitable for senior citizens. This time it's a cell phone that will cater to users who want a beautiful phone. This handset has been describe by some experts as a "good looking" device.

Normally, mobile phone for seniors are designed for quality and user friendliness rather than fashion. But beauty is a bonus that most people want. After all, no one at any age would want to carry an ugly looking handset. Anyway, let's take a look at the "good looking" Nokia 6133.

The Nokia 6133 is similar to the Nokia 6085, a good mobile phone for seniors that I featured on this blog about three months ago. Both of these phones share many attributes that make them great handsets for the elderly. Let's explore the characteristics that defines the Nokia 6133 as a cell phone for grandparents.

The Nokia 6133 belongs to a series of clamshell Nokia phones that offer an external display. The 6133 offers a 1.5-inch, 128x160-pixel external display that shows the time, battery life, signal strength, and photo or video caller ID. However, it's the internal display that marks the Nokia 6133 as a good cell phone for seniors.

The Nokia 6133's internal display measures at 2.2 inches, 240x320 pixels, and supporting an awe-inspiring 16 million colors. These numbers puts most other comparable mid-tier cell phones to shame. The display is one of the most important factor that makes a good cell phone for senior citizens because seniors usually have poor vision. And the Nokia 6133 offers one the the brightest and best displays in the market.

Senior users can also change the font size so they can make the text and numbers if they have difficulty seeing the information on the screen. The Nokia Series 40 platform is also included in the Nokia 6133's design so users can benefit from the vivid and intuitive menu.

Size wise, is sleek and compact which is good for senior users. A thin phone would not be good for seniors because they are not easily to hold. And this cell phone for seniors is also affordable because it offered $99 with service. This is a good price considering the features that it offers.

The Nokia 6133 mobile phone for seniors also offers a key pad that is good for elderly users. This handsets keys are tactile with large, backlit numerals. These are good attributes because seniors can easily press the keys and the backlight helps users differentiate one key from the rest. There are also skinny silver bars that separate the individual rows of keys which is another good bonus.

This handset also offers a good speaker phone. Speaker phones are a workable solution to hearing aid incompatibility. Users with hearing aids can hold the phone away from the hearing aid to help reduce any feedback. It also has a 1.3 mega pixel camera which seniors can use to take and store images of their friends, children and grand children.

Tune in to this blog for more services and cell phones for seniors.

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