Wednesday, March 28, 2012

GreatCall Awarded for High degree of Customer Support

GreatCall is one of the few companies that is dedicated to serving the needs of consumers who are at the age of 65 or older. This company offers cell phones for seniors as well as other services and mobile applications that are designed for the elderly.

Recently the company received an award from Frost & Sullivan for being successful with offering High-Touch customer service for mHealth and communication. The 2011 North America Frost & Sullivan Award for Customer Service Leadership is just another award the company received in the course of providing services for senior citizens.

The award recognizes the MNVO's ability to put the users directly through to a trained customer service representative. The company prides itself guaranteeing get quick, responsive, U.S.-based, English-speaking service.

The centerpiece of this company's offering is the Jitterbug phone.  This device is a leading mobile phone for seniors and we have featured it several times in this blog. This phone allows its users to contact a customer service operator for any type of assistance be it using the phone or an emergency. These operators are also well versed in the health and safety services, like 5Star Urgent Response, Medication Reminders and LiveNurse.

Here are a video that show how one of these service work:

That's it for this post. Stay tuned for more Jitterbug J news and other updates on cell phones for your grandparents.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

EmporiaConnect A Flip Phone for Senior Citizens

Emporia recently made some waves at CES and MWC with a number of new phones for the elderly. We have covered a few of the devices earlier this year and we shall look at another one to let our readers be exposed to the latest devices that target folks who are at an advanced ages.

The emporiaConnect is a product that is slated to enter the market in the fall of 2012. This phone may reach the US market but we still are not sure. Emporia has made it known that they will expand their business in North America so this handset may fall into the hands of seniors in the US and Mexico.

Now let's look at the physical features of this phone. The dedicated page for the emporiaConnect is a bit stingy with the details but it does indicate that it will sport a 2.8 TFT (240x320) display. This obviously refers to the size of the internal camera as it is a flip phone. The images show that it will also offer a smaller external camera.

Here are some of the official images for this phone:

As can be observed, this cell phone for senior citizens sports an emergency button at its back. The website indicates that the emergency function of the phone is integrated with A-GPS. That should allow the user to be located quickly in times of emergencies.

I can also see a flashlight button, which can come in handy and a dedicated camera button. The buttons on this appear to be large and easy to press. The details on the displays also show the graphics to be sharp and fairly bright.

The description for the emporiaConnect also indicates that it will offer "loudspeakers are even hearing aid compatible." As if the emergency button was not enough, the phone also comes with a speed dial function that allows users to dial three important telephone numbers with a single tap of a finger.

Here are a couple of videos that show this device in action:

So do you what you see of the emporiaConnect? Do you think that this phone should also be available to US consumers?

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Testimonials of Cell Phones for Senior Citizens

Testimonials are statements made by users to share their experience with a device. The statements usually focus on how they device helped them and how it changed their lives for the better. Testimonials usually help one to understand how a device works and helps companies to convince consumers to purchase their devices.

Well, sellers of cell phones for the elderly also provide testimonials of their products on their websites and various advertisements. Are these statements real? Well, one can argue that statements made to help sell a product can be manufactured. But I'll let you be the one to decided about the veracity of these testimonies. Perhaps these statements can help you find a cell phone for senior citizens that is perfect for your needs.

Here are some of the testimonials for mobile phones for seniors.

A couple of quotes from GreatCall's testimonial page for the Jitterbug J and other products:

Easy, easy, easy. It was a Christmas gift, the best gift I could ever receive! I just love how easy it is to use, the operators are always so helpful and the 24/7 customer service is outstanding. I live in Las Vegas frequenting the casinos. My friends are amazed at the coverage inside, always dependable unlike the other companies phones. I have shaky hands, but the big buttons are no problem for me. Did I mention I was 80 something? Thank you so much!
This is the fourth cell phone I've owned and it's without a doubt the best! When I ordered it I expected a basic phone, as advertised, but it's much nicer than I thought it would be. The inside screen is very bright and easy to read, even when you're completely in the dark. The keypad numbers are the same way. The caller I.D. function is convenient to see on the outside display. The speakerphone is wonderful. The MyGreatcall online things are fantastic. You can check minutes used/left anytime in seconds. The Phonebook feature is the easiest way I've ever seen to put numbers in a cell phone. You don't even have to touch the phone. Just add/update/delete online and these changes are put on the phone instantly! You don't have to be a technological wizard or sit forever punching numbers on the phone to enter phone numbers. I'm now paying half as much as before (with the other phones), have exactly what I want (and not fancy do-dads I don't need or want), and absolutely LOVE this phone! Thanks jitterbug for having your act together. I sincerely appreciate it!
And here's a video that provides a testimonial for the Tracfone SVC:

Here are a few user experiences from the owners of the Doro PhoneEasy 410 from Consumer Cellular:

"Thank you for being such a great company. You make it so easy for those of us who still view a phone as a necessary convenience, but not an attachment to our bodies! Keep up the good work and thanks again."”  Anne S.

I keep a cell phone in my car for special needs or emergencies only. I had a little Nokia for almost three years that I used about six times and it was difficult (for me) to do the simplest thing with. This Doro phone is a pleasure in every way. It does what a cell phone is supposed to do and is very easy to set up and use. And in spite of some of the negative comments I've read it is a very nice-looking, well made little gadget. I'm glad I ordered it. It was promptly delivered and I'm more than satisfied with it. Consumer Cellular does everything right.
Michael K., NJ

Here's a testimonial clip for the ClarityLife C900 Cell Phone for Seniors:

Unfortunately, I was unable to find any for the Just5 cell phone for the elderly. If you know some then post them at the comments. You can also post testimonials on other phones not mentioned here. Perhaps you can also share your own testimonials at the comments.

We hope that by posting the testimonials for some of the best mobile phones for the elderly that you'll find useful info and be convinced to purchase or try one of the products.

Stay tuned for more information on cell phones for the senior citizens and related topics.

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Take Advanatage of GreatCall's Jitterbug Madness Promo!

The Jitterbug phones for seniors from GreatCall are some of the best options for the elderly. However, some folks have taken cheaper options as these handsets are on the pricey side as far as mobile phones for the elderly go. Fortunately, the company has recently launched a program that makes their handsets more accessible to senior citizens.

I got wind of this nice offer from Facebook where I have subscribed to the company's official page. Subscribing has paid off as I was able to find it about this good promo.

So what is the Jitterbug Madness Promo? Well, it's a program that reduces the online price of all the phones offered by GreatCall. And how much is the online discount? Well, you'll be pleased to know that the prices for all the company's cell phones for senior citizens have been cut half. There all offered with a 50% discount.

Here's an image of the company's line-up with their reduced prices:

This promo is active until May 26. I think it has been extend to that date since other ads showed that it was supposed to end on 3/19. I guess the company extended the offer because it was successful. Or perhaps not many consumers have taken the bait.

Nevertheless, this time period would be a great time to purchase a phone from the company if you have been planning to buy a cell phone for the elderly from GreatCall.

Getting a good mobile phone for seniors for half its price is a good deal in my opinion.

Stay tuned for more news, updates and phones for your grandparents.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Smartphone for Seniors from Fujitsu is also Coming to the U.S.!

The Doro PhoneEasy 740 was introduced at MWC as a possible Android Smartphone for seniors citizens. However, this may not be the only smartphone that will be suited for elderly users.

The folks at Nikkei (translated) are reporting the Fujitsu, a Japanese phone manufacturer, plans to launch an Android phone targeting seniors in the United States and Europe. This is apparently a part of the company's plan to expand its business overseas. Well, how about that? Two smartphones for seniors running on Google Android (2.3 Gingerbread) for the US? That sounds interesting.

Let's go back to the details of this story. Fujitsu has some expertise in proving phones for the elderly. The company has offered the Raku Raku cell phone, which was intended for senior mobile phone users. These phones are similar to existing simple phones for the elderly and provide features that include big buttons, shortcut keys for emergency services, and health diagnostics utilities. This phone will apparently be added to this line but will be powered by the Android OS.

 Unfortunately, the details on this Fujitsu senior cell phone for the US are very slim. It is expected to feature a rugged exterior that is resistant to dust and water damage. This is good since durable phones a good for seniors since they do not have funds to purchase replacements for phones that break easily. It will probably sport a flip phone design and feature a nice camera.

Here are some images of Fujitsu's Raku Raku phones, which should be similar to their planned Android smartphone for the elderly.

So what do you think?Will we see more Android smartphones for senior citizens in the coming years?

Stay tuned for more updates on this device and other mobile phones for seniors.

{Via: Andronica}

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Senior Cell Phone Users Should Apply for 411 Directory Assistance

I was exploring the websites of various mobile phone carrier's in search of cell phones and other products that can be of use to the elderly. I stumbled upon a service called 411 Directory Assistance and immediately saw its potential for helping seniors.

The description of these services indicates that it can be a good tool for folks who are 65 years old and above. For instance, one overview describes the 411 Directory Assistance as a service for customers who are blind, have low vision, a dexterity disability, or a cognitive disability. Another one indicates that it is meant as "dialing assistance for customers with significant visual, cognitive, and physical disabilities." Another major US carrier informs visitors that their directory assistance program is mean for folks who are "blind, visually impaired and other customers with qualifying disabilities."

So its clear that this is a mobile phone service that seniors and people with disabilities should know about.

But how do you know if you are eligible for this helpful program? Well if you a have a disability that does not allow you to read a phone directory, dial a phone number, read a 411 text message response to an inquiry or remember a phone number then you may be eligible for the program.

But how can a senior  qualify for a carrier's  411 Directory Assistance program? Well, the process differs from one carrier to another. However you will be required to submit an application form along with forms of acceptable information:

For example, Verizon Wireless subscribers need to submit:
  • A copy of an approved Social Security Administration claim stating in detail the nature of the disability.
  • A copy of an approved Veterans Administration claim stating in detail the nature of the disability.
  • A letter from a physician on letterhead, detailing the nature of the disability.
  • Copy of the driver’s license or state issued identification card that specifies the disability.
  • Copy of the letter from your landline carrier that verifies you are currently receiving free directory assistance from that carrier for your disability.

Remember to complete requirements adequately because a request may not be processed if the disability is not clearly stated on the information provided.

Here are some links that can help you apply for a carrier's  411 Directory Assistance program:

AT&T Directory Assistance Exemption Program
Verizon Wireless 411 Assistance
T-Mobile 411 Directory Assistance

Will you apply for this helpful service?

Stay tuned as we discuss other services for the elderly and other topics hat are related to cell phones for senior citizens.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Senior Cell Phone Comparison: Pantech Breeze III Vs Samsung SCH-r100

Yes. It's time for another battle between cell phones for senior citizens.This time we will compare the Pantech Breeze III against the Samsung SCH-r100. A competition between a flip phone and a bar style handset.

The Breeze III is a third-generation phone that has been a staple on the AT&T line-up. It's the third member of an excellent group of senior phones that have served the carrier's subscribers. However, the Samsung SCH-r100 should be a worthy opponent for this phone. It was offered by a number of carriers and is now fighting alongside the Jitterbug J in GreatCall's offering for the elderly.

Let's proceed with comparing the specs, features, plans, and other factors for these phones.

Overall Design:

Samsung SCH-r100 Technical specs:

Dimensions: (inches) 4.2 x 1.7 x .54
Weight: (ounces) 2.6
Display: 1.7 inch 128 X 160 pixels and 65K colors

Pantech Breeze III Technical specs:

Dimensions: (inches) 3.90 (H) x 2.02 (W) x 0.74 (D)
Weight:  3.6  ounces
Display: 2.2 inch 320 x 240 pixels

The Pantech Breeze has a larger display with sharper resolution. It also has an extra display, which is smaller but shows the time and date.

Both of these phones offer keypads that are friendly for senior users. The Breeze III offers a spacious keypad with large and easy to press buttons, which are also separated and slightly raised above the surface. The R100 features troughs between the rows of keys to help users dial or compose messages.

Price: (reflects price at the time this post was published)

The Samsung SCH-r100  is a no-contract phone that is being offered at $39.99

The Pantech Breeze III is available at AT&T for $29.99 with a 2 year contract.

Cell Phone Plans:

Samsung SCH-r100 plans:

Pantech Breeze III Plan (AT&T Senior plan):

There you have it. We hope that the info on this post can help one to choose the best mobile phone for seniors.

Stay tuned for more senior phone comparisons and other information on cell phones for the elderly.

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Tracfone Cell phone for Seniors: Samsung T245G for $15

While we wait for the arrival of the Doro PhoneEasy 740 Android smartphone for seniors, let's look at the handsets that are currently available at the market. The Tracfone line-up is always loaded with phones that are ideal for the elderly. This company already has the SVC phone but other offerings in its line-up are also worth examining.

Let's look at the Samsung T245G and see if it can compare with other cell phones for senior citizens.

Well, when it comes to price, then this phone ifs fairly competitive. Consumers can purchase this phone for only $14.99. It's also packaged with the Double Minutes for Life FREE offer which means that a subscriber who paid Airtime Minute to this phone will get doubled minutes.

Here are some images of this phone to let you get a close look at its design:

Now , that you've gotten a good look at the design of this phone, let's discuss the points that make it a good phone for grandparents.

First there's its simple design and user interface. The Samsung T245G from Tracfone is easy to use in its hardware and software. It's an uncomplicated device that a user of any age can learn to master in a matter of hours.

Then it has physical traits that can aid a senior who has bad vision or poor hearing. It has a large display with colors and a keypad with large, separated buttons.   Then there's the affordable price and flexible plans.  This phone is certainly one of the device that you should consider when looking for a cell phone for the elderly.

Here's a video of this phone to help one see its value as a device for the elderly:

Stay tuned for more cell phones for seniors in the coming days.

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