Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Germany's Vitaphone 1100 Cell Phone for Seniors

I've featured a few international cell phone for seniors in this blog and here's another interesting handset. The Vitaphone 1100 is a senior-friendly handset that is manufactured by a German company.

Vitaphone is a company that has been supporting healthcare professionals worldwide with diagnostics, treatment, patient management, and prevention for over ten years. The Vitaphone 1100 s one of the embodiments of the company's vision.

The Vitaphone 1100 is a very simple mobile phone. It's so simple that it only has three buttons. The Red button 1 reserved for calls to a service center and the Yellow button 2 or green button 3 are for selectable numbers.
Simplicity does not prevent the Vitaphone 1100 from being a reliable emergency call and care system. This cell phone for senior citizens offer more features that allows it to serve the needs of the elderly.

This basic handset also provides access to physicians and medical assistance staff provide medical support 365 days a year.

Here are the rest of the info on the Vitaphone 1100 cell phone for seniors.
  • Integrated GSM module (dual band 900/1800 MHz)
  • Hands-free mode is possible
  • Integrated illuminated buttons
  • Operating status display via LEDs
  • Weight: 80 g (inc. battery)
  • Dimensions (L x B x H) in mm: 115 x 49 x 22
  • Load cycle: approx 1.5–2 hours (for a fully discharged battery)
  • Battery: 680 mAh lithium-ion
  • Standby time: up to 250 hours (telephone mode)
  • Talk time: up to 120 mins.
That's it for this international phone for seniors. Tune in every week for more cell phones for seniors and other related topics.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tracfone SVC: Senior Value Cell Phone

I found another good cell phone for senior via YouTube. I recently watched a video ad for the Tracfone SVC or Senior Value Cell Phone. This is the regional carrier's special offering for senior citizens.

After a bit of digging up, I found out the Tracfone SVC is actually the Samsung T155G.

The Samsung T155G is a simple flip phone that provides features that can be useful for elderly consumers.

For instance, this mobile phone for seniors offer an easy menu navigation and all the users need to do is answer yes or no to get exactly where they want to go.

The Samsung T155G also offers large text and display which are senior-friendly. This Tracfone SVC or Senior Value Cell Phone is also hearing aid compatible ( M3/T3) and prove 911 emergency location assistance.

This senior friendly phone is available for $14.99 with a nationwide service plan for only $7 per month.

Here are the rest f the features for the Samsung T155G
  • text messaging, voice mail, free caller ID, free call waiting
  • hands-free speaker
  • auto redial
  • vibration alert
  • phone Book with up to 200 entries
  • 10 polyphonic ringtones, alarm Clock,
  • Charger and services guide included
  • Lightweight - 2.86 ounces.
  • Battery life with up to 7 hours of talk time and up to 14.5 days of standby time
  • Included accessories: battery, wall AC adapter, SIM card and services guide
And here's the video ad:

That's it for this post. Tune in next week for more mobile phone for seniors and other topics.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Jitterbug Check-in Calls Service for Senior Citizens

Let's look at another Jitterbug service tha caters to the special needs of the elderly. We have previously featured the Jitterbug LiveNurse and the Medication Reminders services. This time let's talk about the Check-in Calls service.

This mobile service for the elderly aims to provide "peace of mind, and a sense of security" for only five bucks per month. The company's automated system will ensure that the elderly user are being checked on every day.

The Jitterbug Check-in Calls service will send a notification call will be sent to a consumer's list of personal contacts so that help can be provided immediately should the senior user require any assistance.

Consumers can ask the help of the company's 24-hour US-based MyLife representatives to set up calls, contact list and schedule. Users can also manage their own account on myjitterbug.com.

That's if for this affordable and helpful mobile phone service for senior citizens. Tune in for more services, accessories, and mobile phone for seniors.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Sunking S58 Cell Phone For Seniors from China

China is one of the leading tech manufacturers in the world including mobile phones. Some Chinese manufactures have also recognized the value of the senior market and produce a line of senior-friendly phones. Let's look at a Chinese-manufactured phone tha is also available o US consumers.

The Sunking S58 is a mobile phone for seniors that can compete with other brands that target the elderly such as Jitterbug and Doro. This handset specializes in catering to the needs of senior citizens.

For example, it features an extra-large dial keypad that makes it easy for seniors to dial or compose text messages. It also provides a one-touch emergency SOS button that can prove vital in emergency situations.

The Sunking S58 also provides useful tools such as an electronic torch and FM radio.

Here are the rest of the features and details for this simple cel phone for the elderly:
  • Dimension: 102 * 45 * 12.5mm
  • Display: 1.8 inch 128*64
  • Frequency: GSM900/1800MHz
  • loud-speaker
  • 900mAH battery (compatible with Nokia battery Bl-5C)
  • WAP Browser
  • Accessories: 1 earphone, 1 data cable, 1 battery, 1 Charger,1 gift box

That's it for this post. Tune in to this blog for more phones, news and services for senior citizens.

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

PCD CDM8635: US Cellular's Mobile Phone for Seniors

Here's a new mobile phone seniors from one of the top regional carrier's in the US. The PCD CDM8635 is a senior friendly cell phone that makes it home in US Cellular's mobile phone line up.

The PCD CDM8635 is a simple device but it is packed with features that can be useful to elderly users.

For instance, this handset sports a 2.2-inch internal display that supports 260,000 colors. The screen looks bright, and all text, from the time and date to the menu options, are in a large font that's easy on the eyes. Users can also adjust additional settings like the adjust the duration of the backlight on the screen and keys.

It also offers a 1.5-inch grayscale external display that shows the time, date, battery level, and reception bars.

The PCD CDM8635 also offers large dial pad keys which are separated and backlit. This keypad is user friendly even though they are not raised from the surface.

This mobile phone for seniors from US Cellular also provides two shortcut keys that are mapped to an emergency contact list, and to 911. This keys can come in handy during emergencies.

The PCD CDM8635 also features the Slow Speech option, which slows the incoming voice to make it easier to parse words.

That's it for this quick look at the PCD CDM8635 cell hone for senior citizens. Tune in for more senior phones, services and accessories.

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Price Cut for Consumer Cellular Senior-Friendly Cell Phone

Here's a nice update for seniors who are looking for cheap mobile phones. Consumer Cellular has cut the price of one of its cell phones for seniors.

Consumer Cellular launched the Doro PhoneEasy 410 with the Doro PhoneEasy 335 on October of last year. At the time the PhoneEasy 410 was priced at $40. Well, the MNVO is now selling this simple mobile phone for the elderly for a more affordable price of $25.

John Marick, Consumer Cellular CEO comments on this price cut:
"Consumer Cellular prides itself on providing the most affordable, easy-to-use devices available in the wireless market.The Doro PhoneEasy 410 has been a great addition to our phone lineup. Due to the tremendous demand, we've been able to drive down the cost and make the Doro even more affordable for more people. We are proud to be able to offer it to our customers at a new price."

The Doro PhoneEasy 410 is a simple flip phone that caters to the need of senior citizens. Here's a review of its senior-friendly features:
  • Large, easy to read full-color screen
  • Big separated buttons
  • Two-way speakerphone
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • SMS text messaging
  • Emergency SOS button
  • Option to hide unwanted functions
  • Lightweight handset, including batteries
Tha's it for this update. Tune in for more news, accessories, services and phones for the elderly.

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