Thursday, October 29, 2009

Doro HandlePlus 334gsm: a Simple Cell Phone for Seniors with Alarm Functions

In my last post, I blogged about the new Doro phones from Consumer Cellular. That entry inspired me too look into Doro and see if this company has manufactured other phones that would be great cell phones for seniors.

A look at the company's website indicates that it is dedicated to manufacturing easy to use mobile phones. Their philosophy dictates that a cell phone should be "easy enough for anyone to use, and still be good-looking".

I found the Doro HandlePlus 334gsm on of the company's basic phones. Let's see if this handset is truly ideal for senior citizens.

The Doro HandlePlus 334gsm is extremely easy to use. This cellphone for the elderly only have a few buttons so memorizing all the controls is quick and easy. For instance, one press of a button can allow a user to answer incoming calls and place a call to emergency services.

This basic handset has four memory buttons with name index which can be programmed to four emergency numbers. The user may make a voice call or send an SMS to the four contacts.

The DoroHandlePlus 334gsm mobile phone for seniors also sports a simple but easy to read display. It is backlit and has large fonts. The handset is also covered with soft touch coating for better grip.

Here are the remaining key features for this simple cell phone for seniors:
  • Two-way speakerphone
  • Backlit keypad
  • One-press alarm dial-up
  • Vibrating ring tone
  • Doro Audio Plus
  • HAC (hearing aid compatible)
  • Tri-band GSM
  • SAR (900MHz/1800MHz) 0,521/0,159
That's it for this entry on the DoroHandlePlus 334gsm cell phone for seniors. Expect to see more posts on Doro basic phones in the near future.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Consumer Cellular Releases New Doro Cellphones for Seniors

I've dedicated a page to Consumer Cellular and its vision for providing phones and services for senior citizens. Well, it appears that the company has increased its excellent lineup of cell phones for seniors.

Consumer Cellular has introduced new mobile phones for the elderly to the market. These new handsets are made by Swedish company Doro.

Let's take a closer look at these new cellphones for seniors.

Doro PhoneEasy 410: A simple cell phone that features a clamshell design with large buttons, strong vibrating alerts, loud ringers, Bluetooth and support for hearing aids. This mobile phone for seniors is available in either black or white for $50.

Doro PhoneEasy 335: An easy-to-use bar-style phone that also offers large buttons, strong vibrating alerts, loud ringers, Bluetooth and support for hearing aids. Consumers can get this handset for the elderly for $40.

To get these excellent devices, a consumer needs to a $35 activation fee and subscribe to plans that cost $20 per month for 250 minutes.

What are the other benefits for these new cell phone for seniors? Well let me enumerate or highlight the perks:
  • Two-way speakerphone
  • Phonebook with up to 300 entries
  • SMS text messaging
  • Emergency text-message alerts and call list
  • Option to hide unwanted functions
  • alarm clock, FM radio, calculator, flashlight and games
It appears that Consumer Cellular is trying to give Jitterbug a run for their money. I guess that's positive because it means more options for senior users.

That's it for this post. Tune in to this blog for more new cell phones for seniors and related news.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

LG LX 150: A Quality Basic Cellphone for Seniors

Are you ready for another ideal phone for your grand parents. I surfed a bit to find a simple phone that would suit the needs of senior citizens and came across the LG LX150.

This simple handset is the predecessor of the LG Flare, one of the phones I blogged about in the first few months after the creation of this site. Let's delve into the qualities of cell phone and see if it's equal to the Flare in being useful to the elderly.

The LG LX150 fits the definition of a basic phone. Now that doesn't mean that it's outdated. This handset offers a good set of features for a simple phone. It's great for calls and text messages but also offers modern features like Bluetooth and a full duplex speakerphone.

Users will like the design of this cellphone for senior citizens. It sports a clamshell design with dual displays. The external screen is monochrome but that makes essential information visible even when the user disables the screen’s backlight. The main screen is 1.75 inches in size with 262,000 hues. Users can change the backlight time and the font size to make the information on the display suitable to the often weak eyes of senior users.

The keypad on this mobile phone marks it as a good cell phone for seniors. The LG LX150 provides tactile dialing via buttons that are raised ever so slightly above the surface of the key pad. The users will also find dialing by feel easy with this phone because of the central column and good backlighting.

Test show that this phone performs well when making calls and when performing basic tasks. However, the performance of its speakerphone has been described as mediocre.

That's it for this short preview on the LG LX150 as a mobile phone for seniors. Keep on visiting this blog to obtain useful information on handsets for the elderly.

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