Monday, January 30, 2012

Unpacking the Just5 Cell phone for Seniors

I went over to browse the Just5 website and stumbled upon the packaging section. I thought it would talk about the eco-friendly packaging or the contents of the box for this senior phone. However, I quickly discovered that the section was meant to warn customers about purchasing knock-offs or fake handsets.

I can fully understand why Just5 wanted to educate consumers about buying the real thing. After all, fake handsets can damage their brand and the reputation of their products. Buying the real Just5 cell phone for seniors will ensure quality and support from the company's customer support.

Here are the images of the Just5 packing to help educate consumers on what to look for when buying one from a dealer:

I did more research and found an online video of the unboxing for this phone. Check it out to see what is inside this phone's box:

Hopefully, this video will help you to purchase the real thing. And perhaps it also gave you an idea on what the phone is about.

The Just5 J509 is one of the best handsets for the elderly. It combines ease of operation, large buttons, amplified sound and an emergency button. It is currently offered for $89.99, You can also check out our post on Just5 videos to know more about this device.

That's it for this post. Check us ut every week for more news, and features on the best mobile phones for seniors.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Cheap and Simple Kyocera k126c from TracFone

Seniors love simple phones because they can cater to all their needs at a low price. Phones like the Kyocera k126c from TracFone can solve the problems of users who simply wants to make a call. Some fancy phones may cost more because it forces one to pay extra for features you may not use. A basic and affordable phone like the k126c will not put a dent on your budget and provide for all you calling needs at the same time.

Let's take a closer look at this cell phone for seniors.

The Kyocera k126c is available at Tracfone, a carrier that specializes in prepaid devices. This types of cell phones are great for the elderly because of their low cost, and basic features. Since, I've mention that this handset is affordable, let us first discuss its price. This phone is currently available for around fifteen bucks. That's the full price so there are no annoying contracts and other fees involved.

This phone sports a basic bar style design with a LCD color display. It's a bit small but the fonts can be adjusted to fit your vision. It also offers a simple navigational system and a simple menu that allows users to make calls quickly. The keypad is also good because the buttons are speared from one another. They also have good size and are raised from the surface of the phone.

This phone also offers some useful features such as Text messaging, hands-free speakerphone, and a hearing aid compatible (HAC) rating M3.

If you wish to purchase the Kyocera k126c, then you should know that Verizon, US Cellular and Alltel networks.

I was unable to find videos for this phone so I'll just post a large picture to help you get a closer look:

Visit us every week for more mobile phones for the elderly and related topics.

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Videos of the Samsung SCH-r100 Senior Phone

The Samsung SCH-r100 or Stunt is one of the underrated cell phones for the elderly. It is not as well-known as the Tracfone SVC, Jitterbug J, or Just5 phone but it can also do a great job of serving the needs of seniors.

Well, the Samsung SCH-r100 is good enough to join the vaunted Jitterbug J at the Greatcall cell phone for seniors line-up. It has all the necessary attributes that make it a good phone for folks who are 65 years and older. For instance, it's cheap at just forty bucks and a powerful speakerphone. It's an easy-to-use device that also comes with 24/7 access to friendly who can provide friendly assistance.

We have already featured this phone so let's not dwell on the details. This post is dedicated to videos so we will give some videos of the Samsung SCH-r100. These clips include unboxing videos, reviews, and video tours.

Here they are! Enjoy:

We hope that those videos can help you to find out if this phone fits your needs. Stay tuned as we feature more phones and post more videos for the elderly.

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cheap Senior Phones: Motorola i412 from Boost Mobile

We have not posted a lot of senior phones from Boost Mobile but no one can deny that this prepaid carrier has offered a number of simple phones that can help the elderly. Let's look at one of the affordable phones from this carrier and look at the factors that make it a good device for senior citizens.

The Motorola i412, like most prepaid handsets, is suited for users who want an affordable device with all the basic features. Well, this Boost Mobile phone answers that description. It sports an unremarkable flip phone design with a rectangular look.

The i412 offers an external display that shows useful information without forcing the user to flip it open. The tiny monochrome display shows the battery life, signal strength, plus the date and time. Open the phone and you will see the bigger internal display which measures 1.79-inches. It's a bit small when compared with other elderly friendly mobile phones but there are limits when we talk about cheap devices. The display offers a resolution of 128x160 pixels and 64,000 colors. Users with weak eyesight can adjust the text size to suit their vision.

This handset is easy-to-use and is no challenge even for your grandparents. This phone comes with a basic navigation array with two soft keys, a round toggle, a menu key, and a camera button. The number keypad is also user-friendly because it provides plenty of room and separated buttons, which are raised above the surface.

The i412 is marketed as a "Walkie-Talkie Push to Talk Phone". That means that users can use it like a Walkie-Talkie and allows users to numbers and assign PTT groups.

Now let's talk about how this phone performs. The call quality for this phone is good and users generally heard conversations clearly. The speakerphone calls also had good volume and clarity. This handset has a camera but the VGA-quality results are not impressive.

Here are a video of this phone to help you see how it handles in the wild:

So do you agree that the Motorola i412 from Boost Mobile can be suited for the needs of seniors? This phone is available for a prepaid price of $69.99 and is available with the carrier's monthly unlimited, daily unlimited and pay as you go plans.

That's it for this phone. Stay tuned as we look into more cell phones for seniors and similar topics.

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Monday, January 16, 2012

GreatCall Phones, Devices, and Services for Seniors Showcased at CES 2012

Emporia showed off its new cell phones for seniors at the recent CES 2012 show. However, they did not have the monopoly of showcasing senior-friendly products at the show. Not to be outdone, GreatCall also has some exhibits at the show. Let's look at the devices that were unveiled for consumers at the recently concluded event.

GreatCall's exhibit centered around the 5Star Responder. It's not a cell phone though so I won't dwell too long on this gadget. It may not be able to make calls but the responder can be very useful for the elderly. This device provides location tracking, and one-button access to the 5-Star Urgent Response service.
This useful gadget cost $50 up front, and $15/month. It's an option for consumers who want the 5-Star service for emergencies, and not a full phone service from GreatCall.

Here's a video that previews this device:

GreatCall also took advantage of CES 2012 to show off some of its iOS apps for the iPhone. But wait. Do seniors own iPhones? Well, this Apple smartphone is one of the top notched mobile devices with all the fancy features. It's overall design is not suited for the elderly since it has no physical buttons. However, it has an easy-to-use user interface and the large and sharp screen is ideal for seniors with weak eyes.

Of course, we should underestimate the ability of seniors to handle a device like the iPhone. There are some tech-savvy folks who are at the age of 65 or older. And if they can afford this premium device then they should be allowed to enjoy the senior-friendly iOS apps from Great Call.

So what are the mobile apps for seniors that we showcased at the show? Well, we have featured some of them already and they are also available on the Jitterbug J.

There's the 5Star Urgent Response, MedCoach, and Live nurse apps. Take note though that these applications will also be available to Android phone users in the near future.

The Live Nurse app provides basic health info while the Medcoach mobile application is a great pill reminder.

So what do you think of these devices? Is it time for a new Jitterbug phone for seniors?

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Emporia Cell Phones for Seniors Showcased at CES 2012

Emporia recently announced that it will expand its business and bring its handsets into North and Latin America. We also looked at two of the company's new senior phones last week.

Well, these handsets were also on display at the CES 2012 event. That's right. The event is not only a place to show off the latest 4G, Android or Windows Phone devices. Simple handsets that are suited for seniors are also shown at the show.

I did a search for hands-on videos of the EmporiaCLICK and EmporiaSolid Plus at CES and managed to find some clips.

Here are a couple of videos featuring the EmporiaCLICK and EmporiaSolid Plus:

If you want to get more looks, then head over to Engadget for some hands-on images. Here are the links:

EmporiaCLICK hands-on gallery
EmporiaSOLID Plus hands-on gallery

And here are some pictures from the CES website:

Stay tuned for reviews and other related topics on these handsets. Until next week. See you for more mobile phones for seniors and other related discussions.

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Simple Phones for the Ederly: AT&T Z221 GoPhone

Let focus on a simple cell phone on the second post for 2012. This time we will look at another basic mobile phone from AT&T's prepaid phones line-up.

The GoPhone portfolio has been a steady source senior-friendly mobile phones. But that's not surprising since the line-up is made up of prepaid phones with simple features. You wont find any fancy expensive smartphones in this group. For this post we will look at the AT&T Z221 GoPhone, a handset that is made by ZTE. We will look at the features that make it a suitable device for seniors.

Let's begin with the design. One look at this handset will tell you that is a basic clamshell phone. There are no part that slide from beneath its body. You simply open it up tp to make calls or send messages. Here are some images that provide views to the different angles of its body. Take a good look.

It's easy to see how this device fits the needs of seniors. It's uncomplicated, direct to the point, and easy-to-use.

Let's break down the details for its design. The outer display is small but it shows important information such as the time, battery, and signal strength without the need of opening the handset. The internal QVGA display measures 2 inches with 320x240 pixels and is pretty much standard for a cell phone for seniors.

The keyboard comes with large buttons but they are a bit flushed. They are separated but not as much as we would like. The numbers are large so folks would have no problem with dialing numbers. Dialing by feel though is not very easy.

Now what are the senior friendly features offered by the AT&T Z221 GoPhone? Well, it's a hearing aid compatible (M3/T4) phone, which makes it usable for seniors with hearing difficulties. This phone also comes with the carrier's pay-as-you-go service so users will not need to worry about contracts, credit checks, or deposits. It's a flexible plan that is cheap.

But this phone actually comes with some decent features despite being such a simple mobile device. For instance, it offers a basic camera that can record video. It also ships with Bluetooth connectivity (version 2.1), 3G, e-mail, and access to social networking sites. Now, these are not essential features for seniors but its nice to have them on your affordable phone.

The AT&T Z221 GoPhone is being offered for $39.99 without a contract so it's within reach of senior users.

That's it for this cello phone for senior citizens. Stay tuned as we feature more phones every week.

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Emporia Telecom to Bring a Couple of New Senior Cell Phones to North America

A manufacturer of cell phones for seniors have decided to expand its business into North and Latin America. This company also announced a couple of handsets that can serve the need of seniors.

Emporia Telecom is not a big name in the US but of its phones have already been sold in the country. Do you remember the LifePhone? Well, that excellent phone was made by none other than Emporia. And the carrier has introduced a couple more phones to increase the options of the elderly.

The company has decided that the expansion will happen this Spring.

Now let us look at these new cell phones for seniors.

EmporiaCLICK: This phone sports a simple clamshell design with a piano lacquer finish and a stainless steel clasp. It has a clear and easy-to-navigate menu that allows users to quickly make a call or send messages. This phone also offers a ringtones that can be adjusted to very high volumes to help hearing impaired users. It also comes with high-powered vibration motors and a flashing LED light that warns users whenever a call is coming in.

EmproiaSolid: This handset comes with a rugged design that can take damage from being used in the workplace or outdoors. It's durable design also includes a large buttons and big fonts on its display.

Both of these handset come with a one-touch Call for Care button that allows users to automatically dials family, caregivers or emergency services when they are in need.

Here are a couple of videos that feature these phones. Unfortunately, the language is not in Englids but the clips will give you a glimpse of these handsets:

What do you think about this bit of news? Will the arrival of Emporia be beneficial to the elderly mobile phone users?

Stay tuned for more news and updates on senior cell phones and related topics.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Videos of the Doro PhoneEasy 410 from Consumer Cellular

The first post of the year for our senior phone blog will continue a series of video related content. We have previously posted some videos of cell phones for seniors so I feel we should continue that trend again.

We will still post the basic stuff on new handsets for seniors that we uncover but posting videos might also be good for our visitors who wish toi see the phones in action. I feel that videos do a good job of showing the functions and the good things about these mobile phones for the elderly.

This time we will look at the Doro PhoneEasy 410 from Consumer Cellular, one of the best senior-friendly phones for the market. This phone is a big-button phone with a simple clam shell design. It comes with a cheap price of $ 25 and sports a large screen for users with poor vision. It also comes with an emergency feature that immediately alerts family and friends.

But enough with this descriptions. You can get an in-depth view with our look at the PhoneEasy 410. This post is dedicated to video clips so here they are:

I posted some tutorial videos and a few that provides reviews on the phone. These clips should be enough to give you a glimpse on this mobile phone for seniors.

Stay tuned as we feature more videos and previews of the best phones for the elderly and related topics.

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