Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Cheap AT&T F160

I discovered anew cheap mobile phone that can be a great gadget for senior citizens. The AT&T F160 is an affordable hone with solid features that can answer the needs of the elderly.

Let's explore the potential of this mobile phone for seniors.

The most attractive feature of the AT&T F160 is its retail price. This mobile phone is currently being sold for free with a contract. It's no smartphone but it does offer a few nice features which are not usually found on free cell phones.

The handset's design is fairly simple. It's a bar style design with a compact body that measures 4.57" x 1.93" x 0.44" and weighs around 4 oz. Its form factor is built around its basic calling functionality.

Now on to the top features that make the AT&T F160 a good cell phone for seniors. This handset sports a 2.4 inch display. The size is good for seniors with weak eyes. The 40 x 320 resolution and 262K color supports also makes this display easy on the eyes.

The AT&T F160 also provides a user-friendly keypad. The buttons are fairly large and raised above the surface.

This handset for the elderly is also hearing aid compatible so can be useful for consumers with weak hearing.

The other highlight features of this senior-friendly phone include a 3.0MP camera with 5x zoom and video recording, integrated GPS, Bluetooth compatibility, speakerphone and voice dialing.

That's it for this cheap mobile phone for seniors. Tune in every week for more phones, accessories and services for senior citizens.

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