Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Talking with Grandparents via Cell Phones

We have featured a number of cell phones for the elderly in this blog so we figured its time for a post that will warm your hearts. I ran into a few videos while looking for new phones to feature so I thought I should post them here.

These clips feature cute videos of grandchildren trying to communicate with their grandparents via a mobile phone. I know that talking with grand kids and other family members is one of the most enjoyable moments for a senior citizen. So here are the videos showing cute kids talking with their beloved grandmas and grandads on the cell phone. I hope you enjoy them:

Here is baby Ella gets a call on speakerphone from her proud Sheets Grandparents from South Carolina:

And here's a video of young Annabelle talking on the cell phone to her grandmother in Lancaster, CA:

Enjoy this clip of another young girl giving grandpa a call:

Here is a young boy calling Grandma Bea on a BlackBerry:

We hope you enjoy these videos. You can find plenty of them on YouTube and other video websites.

Stay tuned to this blog every week as we feature more phones and other topics related to mobile phones for grandparents.

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Monday, May 21, 2012

T-Mobile 665: A Cell Phone for Seniors that Excels in Making Calls

The folks at Cnet described the T-Mobile 665 as a phone that "makes calls and not much else." That label sounds like a negative description of a phone where super powerful smartphones are being launched every month.

However, this description is fitting for a device that can fit the needs of the elderly. Senior citizens require a phone that can make phone and not much else. These consumers need phones that are simple and uncomplicated. Plus a phone that focuses on making calls is usually a cheap device that fits into the lifestyle of folks who are 65 years or older. This prepaid phone from T-Mobile is currently available for $49.

Every year, US carrier's and cell phone manufacturers release phone that just comes with the basics. These phones are headed for markets that include teens, new cell phone users, and seniors. The T-Mobile 665 falls into this category. It's features are limited but it's focused on the essentials. Flashy features and capabilities such as Wi-Fi, mobile TV, 4G LTE, and others are cool but they lose their value to consumers who are only after the most basic of features and the lowest of price.

The  665 comes in a clamshell design with a 1.7-inch, 262,000-color display. This cell phone for seniors also comes with an extra-large keypad that is designed for easy dialing and texting.

Here are some images of this mobile phone:

 The other features for this phone include:
  • 2-megapixel camera
  • Bluetooth
  • FM radio
  • speakerphone
  • a microSD slot for cards up to 8GB
  • included Accessories: battery, wall charger, and user guide
What do you think of this cheap phone? Can the T-Mobile 665 serve as a cell phone for the elderly?

Stay tuned as we look at more devices and help you to see if they are suitable cell phones for seniors.

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Monday, May 14, 2012

The ClearSounds AC100 ClearDigital Amplified Cell Phone for the Elderly

After combing the web for another cell phone that can help elderly users, I found another device that might be able to fit the requirements of senior citizens. The ClearSounds AC100 ClearDigital is an amplified cell phone that makes it ideal for seniors with hearing difficulties. But what other features does it have that can cover the remaining needs of folks who are 65 or older? Let's take a close look at this device to find out.

The AC100 is a simple phone. One can easily surmise that by just looking at it. It's a good device for folks who find modern cell phone technology daunting. Wi-Fi, 4G LTE, Bluetooth, mobile GPS are all great features but they are wasted on a cell phone for seniors. That's because they can be too complicated and are on the bottom end of a senior's priorities when buying a phone. These features also come with added cost that might burden folks who have retired and no longer have a steady source of income.

This amplified cell phone for seniors comes with a backlit screen with adjustable contrast and large text size for users who have difficulty with seeing fine print. The simple design of this phone also include an easy-to-read backlit keypad with big buttons for easy dialing. The buttons have large numbers so they can be clearly seen by users with poor vision.

As mentioned before, this handset is suitable for hearing impaired users. It can amplify sounds up to 25 decibels and features tone amplification up to 10 decibels gain. It also has a flashing visual ringer and a strong vibrating ringer to alert a user of an incoming call.

Like other great mobile phones for the elderly, the ClearSounds AC100 ClearDigital Amplified Cell Phone comes with features that help to deal with emergencies. It comes with a large one-touch emergency dial button that can instantly contact a trusted friend or family member in an emergency. There are also 4 one-touch memory dial buttons that allows users to call quickly.

Here are the rest of the features that can be helpful toward senior users:
  • Hands-free speakerphone
  • Built-in Flashlight
  • Automatic redialing
  • 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty 

Here's some pictures that gives you a closer look on this handset:

Unfortunately, this phone is a bit pricey. it is being offered for $149.95, which is a lot more expensive than most cell phones for the elderly.

That's it for this post. Stay tuned as we feature more phones for the elderly.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Affordable LG101 from Virgin Mobile

Phones from prepaid carriers like Virgin Mobile are often ideal for senior citizens because they are usually simple devices with easy-to-reaches price tags. We have featured a few phones from Virgin Mobile and it's about time to look at  another cheap prepaid phone from this company.

This time we will examine a bar style phone called the LG 101. We have looked at a number of flip style phones and a different design should provide a bit of variation for folks who are trying to find a phone that will fit their tastes.

First let us look at the price for this phone and see if it is indeed accessible for the elderly who have limited source of income. At the time this post was published, the LG101 cost $14.99 without any contracts. This price includes free shipping, free activation and a 30 day guarantee.

So what about the plans? Well,. Virgin mobile has plenty of cheap ones with enough minutes that can cover a senior's normal monthly consumption. For example, the $20 talk plan provides 400 minutes per month.

Now let's take a closer look at the device itself. We'll begin with the design. The LG 101 sports a candy bar-shaped body with glossy and black plastics. Admittedly, the color screen is a bit small at just 1.5-inches with 128-by-128-pixel resolution. with an affordable price its hard to put too much expectation on this phone specs-wise.

Fortunately, the navigation features of this phone makes up for its lack of display size. It offers a five-way control pad with six raised function keys and rectangular, raised plastic number buttons on its keypad. The design makes it easy to dial numbers and users can make a call quickly using one hand.

Some of the senior-friendly features offered by this phone include a speakerphone and a 800mAh battery with decent life. Voice quality on this device was also decent. The features are very limited but that's part of the simplicity that makes it ideal for seniors.

Here are some videos and images of this device to give you a closer look:


That's it for this post on a Virgin Mobile phone for seniors. Visit us regularly for more phones that are ideal for the elderly.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Low-Tech Cell Phones for Seniors

Mobile phones are becoming more advanced every year. That is the trend of technology and mobile telecommunications is no different. manufacturers attempt to cram as many features into a handset that should be slim enough to appeal to users. A new launched cell phone would usually have a touchscreen, Wi-Fi, GPS, email, web browsing, and 3G. However, the most technologically advanced devices are not fit for seniors. There are discussions of smartphone for seniors but the fact remains that low-tech devices are the best fit for the elderly.

Why? Well, I think it is due to the fact that seniors want the simplest devices because they are easy-to-use and cheap. The elderly can learn how to use low-tech cell phones in a matter of minutes. Basic phones specialize in making calls and usually come with keypads that feature large buttons. The best ones also come with emergency buttons that provide one click access to persons that can provide immediate help.

Price is also a major issue that can be solved by low-tech phones. Since these devices only provide the essentials, they are offered at a price that is reachable for senior citizens. Folks who are 65 or older do not have a steady source of income so they may not be able to spend hundreds of dollars on a telephone.

Advanced features like touchscreens, Wi-Fi, HD cameras, NFC, 4G LTE and GPS add to the cost of a phone. Seniors also do not have these advanced features in their priority so simple mobile phones with basic technology is the way to go. It does not make sense to pay for features that you do not use so handset with low technology are best suited for grandparents.

These complex features also make a phone more difficult to use and navigate. A phone that can make calls in a few steps is the best device for the elderly because they are much simpler.

Here is a list of several  low-tech cell phones that are ideal for seniors. These handsets have already been featured in this blog so click on them if you want  more information:

Can you think of other low-tech mobile phones for seniors? Do you agree that they are ideal for the elderly?

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