Monday, January 30, 2012

Unpacking the Just5 Cell phone for Seniors

I went over to browse the Just5 website and stumbled upon the packaging section. I thought it would talk about the eco-friendly packaging or the contents of the box for this senior phone. However, I quickly discovered that the section was meant to warn customers about purchasing knock-offs or fake handsets.

I can fully understand why Just5 wanted to educate consumers about buying the real thing. After all, fake handsets can damage their brand and the reputation of their products. Buying the real Just5 cell phone for seniors will ensure quality and support from the company's customer support.

Here are the images of the Just5 packing to help educate consumers on what to look for when buying one from a dealer:

I did more research and found an online video of the unboxing for this phone. Check it out to see what is inside this phone's box:

Hopefully, this video will help you to purchase the real thing. And perhaps it also gave you an idea on what the phone is about.

The Just5 J509 is one of the best handsets for the elderly. It combines ease of operation, large buttons, amplified sound and an emergency button. It is currently offered for $89.99, You can also check out our post on Just5 videos to know more about this device.

That's it for this post. Check us ut every week for more news, and features on the best mobile phones for seniors.

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