Monday, March 5, 2012

Tracfone Cell phone for Seniors: Samsung T245G for $15

While we wait for the arrival of the Doro PhoneEasy 740 Android smartphone for seniors, let's look at the handsets that are currently available at the market. The Tracfone line-up is always loaded with phones that are ideal for the elderly. This company already has the SVC phone but other offerings in its line-up are also worth examining.

Let's look at the Samsung T245G and see if it can compare with other cell phones for senior citizens.

Well, when it comes to price, then this phone ifs fairly competitive. Consumers can purchase this phone for only $14.99. It's also packaged with the Double Minutes for Life FREE offer which means that a subscriber who paid Airtime Minute to this phone will get doubled minutes.

Here are some images of this phone to let you get a close look at its design:

Now , that you've gotten a good look at the design of this phone, let's discuss the points that make it a good phone for grandparents.

First there's its simple design and user interface. The Samsung T245G from Tracfone is easy to use in its hardware and software. It's an uncomplicated device that a user of any age can learn to master in a matter of hours.

Then it has physical traits that can aid a senior who has bad vision or poor hearing. It has a large display with colors and a keypad with large, separated buttons.   Then there's the affordable price and flexible plans.  This phone is certainly one of the device that you should consider when looking for a cell phone for the elderly.

Here's a video of this phone to help one see its value as a device for the elderly:

Stay tuned for more cell phones for seniors in the coming days.

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