Monday, February 13, 2012

Sprint Samsung MPH-M370: Simple and Reliable

The Samsung MPH-M370 from Sprint is one of the newest basic phones to enter the market. We seem to be getting fewer of these phones as the trend continue to swing towards powerful smartphones. But not to worry. Simple phones will always be available as long as there are young teens and seniors. Now back to our featured phone for this post.

Last year, Sprint's Samsung SPH-M360 proved to be a solid cell phone for seniors and this year's MPH-M370 is very similar with a few adjustments and alterations. So it should also be a good choice for seniors, right? Well, let's look at the details of this handset to see if it should be considered as a good option for the elderly.

Let's first look at the overall design. Well, there's no surprise here. It's a simple clamshell phone with a bubbly gray finish for good grip and dimensions that make it a compact phone that is easy to carry. Here are some images to give you a good look at this phone:

The main display of this phone measures 2.4-inches with 320x240-pixel resolution. It's a good size and bright enough for seniors with poor eyesight. It has a small interior screen which provides some key details without the need to open the phone. It shows the time, date, signal strength, and battery life.

A look at the phone's keypad and navigation array will indicate that it's an easy-to-use device. It has rubber keys, which are easy to press and respond will to the user's touch. The buttons are also large and separated so users will not find it hard to find a particular number to press. There are also bumpers, which guides your fingers so one can dial even without looking at the buttons. 

Performance-wise, the Samsung MPH-M370 scored good marks overall. The call quality is good and the speakerphone also performed well.

The main features offered by this mobile phone for seniors also include a 1.3-megapixel camera, an alarm, a calendar, a calculator, address book, 10 preloaded ringtones, Bluetooth support and multimedia text messaging.

Here a few videos to give you another angle on this phone:

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Blogger Francis said...

This phone seems to be an excellent solution for seniors who need a simple phone with large keys and text. You should do a comparison with the alternatives like the Tracfone SVC. How do they stack up against each other?

February 26, 2012 at 9:22 AM  
Blogger Senior Mobile said...

here's one of our articles comapring the SVC phone with another cell phone for seniors:

Stay tuned for more mobile phone for seniors comparisons

February 27, 2012 at 12:03 PM  

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