Monday, February 6, 2012

Clarity to Offer the PAL Amplified Mobile Phone for Seniors Soon?

Here's an exciting update that I discovered while exploring some websites that offer devices for senior citizens. I was exploring the Clarity website when I saw an intriguing image. Here it is:

Well, it's clear an ad for an upcoming amplified mobile phone. The image indicates that it will be called the Clarity Pal. I searched the websites press releases for an official announcement for this handset but I found none. I also searched the web and found nothing helpful.

I think it's safe to say that this upcoming cell phone for the elderly will hit the market this year. By the look's of it, it appears to be a worthy successor to the company's LifePhone. But then again, it might not even be a replacement. Perhaps the company plans to offer the Clarity Pal alongside the Clarity C900. That's not a bad plan since it would provide consumers with more options.

The picture indicates that the Clarity Pal will be a device that caters to the need of seniors. It's an amplified phone so it can work for users with hearing problems. The display also shows large fonts so it will also fit the needs of seniors with weak vision. It also appears to have large buttons so dialing is not a problem.

These elements indicate that the Clarity Pal will be a solid option for seniors. Hopefully, an announcement will be released soon so that we will have an idea of its price, features, and specs.

What do you think of this phone? Can it compete with other mobile phones for seniors? Stay tuned for more updates on this device and other phones for the elderly.

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