Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Senior Cell Phone Comparison: Jitterbug J VS Just5 J509

I recently thought of a new format for our blogposts. We have already feature a lot of cell phones for seniors so I have to admit that finding new devices to feature is getting more challenging. So I  thought that it would be interesting to make use of our old features and make comparisons.

I notice that many tech sites are comparison two or more phones against one another. This kinds of articles are often called phone battles, dogfights, or battle royals. So I thought this format would also work for our viewers since its interesting and helpful.

However, I will refrain from making a conclusion as to the winner of the comparison at the end of the post. You, our readers, will be the one's to decide the winner.

OK, enough with the intro and on with the battle. For this post we will compare the Just5 J509 and the Jitterbug J senior cell phones. These handsets are on the forefront of the market for cell phones for the elderly. So let's begin with a comparison of the physical design:

Jitterbug J Vs Just J509

Overall Physical Design: The Jitterbug J is a flip phone while the Just 5 is a bar-style device. Here are some images for comparison.



These images should give you an idea on how these devices look like and compare in terms of physical design. The Jitterbug J is available in graphite and red, while the Just5 can be purchased in black, red, white, orange, and gray.

Display/Color Screen: The Jitterbug J comes with dual displays. The internal screen measures 2.1 inches while the external display comes in at 1.1 inch. On the other hand, the Just5 has a monochrome LCD display.

Keypad/Buttons: This is a crucial feature for a cell phone for the elderly because seniors may have weak vision,. User-friendly keypads with large buttons that raised from the surface and separated from one another is ideal. Here are the images for the keypads on these handsets:

Emergency Button: Both of these handsets come with an emergency response system. The Just5 has a large dedicated button to automatically call emergency contacts and the Jitterbug J users can dial “0” anytime to reach a U.S. based, 24-hour operator.

Price: (reflects price at the time this post was published)

Jitterbug J:  $99.00

 Just5 J509: $89.99


Now before we end this post let me highlight other points that were not directly addressed above. GreatCall, Jitterbug's manufacturer offers apps and services for seniors. We have covered some of them in this blog such as the LiveNurse and Medication Reminder.

OK. So what do you think of our first mobile phone for seniors comparison posts? Do you want more of these? We have plenty of SVC fans among our commenters so I'm sure they want to have their handset featured in an article like this.

Stay tuned for more posts on comparisons, featured phones, plans and other topics connected to senior mobile phone users.

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