Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Senior Mobile Phone Tutorial: Adding Emergency Contact Numbers to the Just5 J509 Phone Book

Let's add another type of post to our blog. I thought that tutorials would be great because these type of post are helpful for folks who want to lean how to fully use their phone. Of course, we will focus on functions that can help the elderly.

For this post, we will look at a key function of the Just5 J509 cell phone for seniors. This phone allows users to add five emergency numbers to its phone book. This is a way for seniors to quickly call someone in cases of emergency.

Before we begin the tutorial, here's an image of the Just5 with its buttons and navigation keys. this will make the step-by-step guide easier to follow:

Now we can begin. Here's how to add emergency contact numbers to the phone book of your Just5 J509.
  1. First press the Navigation Up key to access the menu.
  2. Then select option “Phone Book” by pressing the Answer key or Green key.
  3. Press the Navigation key up or down until “Emergency Number” option is displayed.
  4. Press the Answer key or Green key three times, input the  phone number, then press the Answer key or Green key again.
  5. Repeat up to four times to fill the five emergency contact slots. Entering five emergency contacts improve the chances of getting an answer.
But what about if you want to change an existing emergency phone number? Well, simply repeat steps one to three. Then press the Answer key or Green key, then scroll down to “Edit Record” option, and press the Answer key or Green key twice. Edit the number by using key pad, press the Answer key or Green key to save the new number.
There you have it. A simple but useful tutorial for a cell phone for senior citizens. Stay tuned every week for more tutorials and related topics.

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