Wednesday, March 17, 2010

PureTalk USA: a ‘Senior Advocate’

Here's a nationwide wireless provider that offers services that fit the needs of the senior citizen market. The good folks at Senior Approved Services recently declared PureTalkUSA as a Senior Advocate. Senior Approved Services is group advocating services that accommodate the Justify Fullrequirements of senior citizens.

Let's found out why PureTalkUSA earned the right to be labeled as a Senior Advocate. This company is a nationwide provider that offers low-cost, no contract cell phone plans on the GSM network.

PureTalkUSA offers straight forward and uncomplicated plans which are ideal for seniors who do not concerned themselves with the various options and extras associated with many contractual cell phone plans. SIM cards are also available for customers requiring handsets with special features.

This MNVO also offers handsets that are suitable from the elderly. Let's look at a cell phone for seniors currently offered by PureTalkUSA, the Nokia 6010.

This cell phone for senior citizens is ergonomically designed to fit the hand well. It also comes with a large keypads. The buttons are fairly large and illuminated so elderly users can dial or compose a message easily.

The Nokia 6010 also sports a sizable, easy to read screen with color display. This simple phone for seniors also offers a 500-name phone book with up to 5 numbers and 3 text fields per contact. Other useful features include one touch speed dialing, voice dialing for up to 14 numbers, calendar and alarm clock.

This senior-friendly phone is being sold at an affordable price of $ 14.95.

Visit the PureTalk USA website to learn more about this ‘Senior Advocate’,

That's it for this week. Tune in next time for more services and new cell phones for seniors.

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