Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Magnifier or Monocle for Cell Phone for Seniors

A week ago, a posted about an accessory for cell phones for seniors that helps users with hearing problems. This time let's look at some mobile phone for seniors accessories for users with impaired or weak eyesight.

Many seniors usually suffer from weakening vision so a magnifier or monocle for a cell phone display can be helpful. A good senior-friendly handset should have a large display with big fonts but this may not be enough for some users and an accessory may be needed to remedy the problem.

These accessories enlarge the data on the phone display so it can be read with ease. Others enlarge the buttons to help users to press the correct keys every time.

There are many types of magnifier or monocle for cell phone displays. Some resemble a pair of reading glasses can be attached to the screen. Other types of this accessory look like magnifying lens which are embedded in a holder made of a flexible rubber-like material, which fits around the handset and hold the lens in place over the display.

There are also a few software programs that function similarly to physical magnifier or monocle for cell phones for senior citizens. However, since this programs can be complicated to operate physical accessories may be more suitable for elderly users.

So where can one purchase a magnifier or monocle for cell phone for the elderly. Well, there are plenty of them online and some can go for as cheap as thirteen bucks.

That's it for this post. keep on visiting this blog for more accessories, services and cell phones for senior citizens.

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