Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Inventor of Cell Phone Uses a Jitterbug Handset!

The Jitterbug phone is arguably the best cell phone for senior citizens on the market. Well, here's another bit of information that might convince one to buy this phone for your grandparents. Martin Cooper, the man credited with inventing the cell phone, admitted that he uses a Jitterbug phone.

Cooper revealed this fact during an interview with the folks at C-SPAN. He stated that he uses a Motorola DROID but resorts to a cell phone for seniors when he needs a handset that only makes calls.

However, upon closer inspection it's not surprising that Cooper would chose a basic phone like the Jitterbug. Cooper is a senior (born in December 26, 1928) and he has in fact co-founded a company devoted to the mobile phone needs of the elderly.

Cooper with his wife, Arlene Harris, co-founded Jitterbug Wireless in 2006.

That's it for this quick bit of cell phones for seniors news. Tune in to this blog for more interesting news and information.

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