Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The FIT Concept Cell Phones for Seniors

I've found an interesting concept phones designed for seniors. This cell phone design was created with the needs of senior users in mind combined with a futuristic design. Now, this phone is not in the market yet but it offers a glimpse of the future of designs and trends of senior-friendly handsets. Let's look at the Fit phone designed by Jongmu Lee.

The Fit cell phone concept for seniors is targeted towards 65+ demographic. It attempts to marry advanced features with user-friendliness. The result is a futuristic looking device with easy-to-use features.

This cool mobile phone for senior citizens comes with a a central movable scroll that allows users to move up and down the menu with ease. This feature enables one to reduce or increase the size of the number pad.

The Fit phone also allows users to use the image-enabled speed dial simply by tapping on the image.

This phone does not come with a physical keyboard but one can adjust it large enough to make up for it. Well, the display is certainly large enough. However, we can't judge if it will have a loud ringer since it's a concept cell phone fr the elderly.

This handset looks hip enough to attract users that do not belong in the 65+ demographic.

That's it for this post. Tune in to this blog for more cell phone for seniors news and updates.

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