Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Senior Tel II Phone for the Elderly

Here another simple mobile phone for seniors. The Senior Tel II from Mobi-Click is a cell phone that's ideal fro" the elderly, the disabled, for mobile people who need special assistance, the diabetic, or vehicle drivers."

This basic mobile phone for seniors features three major buttons that n elderly user can use to immediately call an emergency contact. The buttons can be assigned to call a family member, neighbor, doctor or emergency center.

The buttons on the Senior Tel II are also designed to be useful for users with poor eyesight. For instance, dialed buttons will stay illuminated throughout the dialing process. Each of the buttons corresponds to a particular tone so the visually impaired senior citizens can call emergency contacts with no difficulty. Users will be aware of incoming calls via a blinking blue button and a ring tone.

This cell phone for seniors offer features and functions that are truly useful for elderly users. For example, the emergency mode allows all incoming calls will be picked up automatically and activates that the loud mode which allows calls to be made to ill or disabled persons.

The Senior Tel II from Mobi-Click also offers Geographic monitoring for the disoriented, which keeps tabs on the location of the user and sends an SMS if the person strays away from a certain zone.

Well, that's it for this mobile phone for senior citizens. Tune in to this blog for more phones and services for the elderly.

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