Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The LG VX-4700 Handset for Senior Citizens

I was exploring Ebay when I came upon an article called the "Top 3 Best Cell Phones For Elderly And Senior Citizens." Naturally, I was interested in the guide since I was hoping to find a phone that I can feature on this blog.

Luckily, I found that one the phones, the LG VX-4700, has not been featured on this blog. So let's take a closer look at his potential mobile phone for seniors and see if it can be a good device for the elderly.

LG VX-4700
Strengths: Let's look at the features and capabilities that makes this phone a good cellphone for seniors.

The LG VX-4700 is a good device for seniors and users who have the misfortune of suffering from hearing difficulties. This handset is one highest rating phone for earset volume and has been tested to have great call quality.
The phone is also hearing aid compatible.

This handset for senior citizens also comes with TTY/TDD capabilities which enables all information to be given digitally. Users with profound hearing loss can benefit from this feature since the information does not require the use of the auditory sense.

The main display on this phone is small at only 1.5 inches when measured diagonally. However, it makes up for it by being bright and exceptionally readable.

The keys are also a bit small but they are slightly raised above the surface of the phone which makes dialing easy and fast.

The LG VX-4700 also has its share of drawbacks and flaws.

The external display is quite disappointing. This feature provides the time, the date, the battery life, the signal strength, and caller ID. However, it is very small and in monochrome.

The battery life on this handset is also mediocre. Simple handsets usually have strong battery life since they do not have any advanced features that consume a lot of power.

That's about it for this preview on the
LG VX-4700 as a cell phone for seniors. Keep on visiting to see more of our cellphones for seniors and related topics.

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