Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The iNO CP09 Cell Phone for Seniors and Kids

We are at the end of 2009 and I must say that finding newly released cell phones for senior citizens are hard to find. The current trend in mobile phone development pouts a lot of emphasize in high-end features like touchscreens, GPS, WiFi and cameras.

However, there are a few exceptions like the Jitterbug J and the Emporia Lifephone which were launched quite recently. I also found a newly launched phone called the iNO CP09 that's designed for kids and the elderly.

Basic or simple is a very appropriate word to describe this mobile phone for seniors and young kids. One look at the phone will tell you that. The iNO CP09 sports a rectangular monochrome LCD display with an orange backlight. It's not very large but the fonts are huge so seniors with weak eyesight will have no problem reading the information on the screen.

The keypad on this handset for the elderly is well suited for senior citizens. The buttons are very large and easy to read.
There's also a dedicated ‘SOS’ button on the back which can be useful in emergencies. When pressed, the button emits an alarm and contacts a pre-programmed phone number.

The iNO CP09 cellphone for seniors and kids also offer useful features like an FM radio, a torch light, a headphone jack, and a text messaging.

The only downside to this phone is its available exclusively in Singapore at $78 each. It's also a GSM handset so its not compatible with CDMA networks like Sprint and Verizon.

That's it for this new cell phone for seniors. Keep on tuning in to this blog to get the latest news on devices and services for senior citizens.

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