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Testimonials of Cell Phones for Senior Citizens

Testimonials are statements made by users to share their experience with a device. The statements usually focus on how they device helped them and how it changed their lives for the better. Testimonials usually help one to understand how a device works and helps companies to convince consumers to purchase their devices.

Well, sellers of cell phones for the elderly also provide testimonials of their products on their websites and various advertisements. Are these statements real? Well, one can argue that statements made to help sell a product can be manufactured. But I'll let you be the one to decided about the veracity of these testimonies. Perhaps these statements can help you find a cell phone for senior citizens that is perfect for your needs.

Here are some of the testimonials for mobile phones for seniors.

A couple of quotes from GreatCall's testimonial page for the Jitterbug J and other products:

Easy, easy, easy. It was a Christmas gift, the best gift I could ever receive! I just love how easy it is to use, the operators are always so helpful and the 24/7 customer service is outstanding. I live in Las Vegas frequenting the casinos. My friends are amazed at the coverage inside, always dependable unlike the other companies phones. I have shaky hands, but the big buttons are no problem for me. Did I mention I was 80 something? Thank you so much!
This is the fourth cell phone I've owned and it's without a doubt the best! When I ordered it I expected a basic phone, as advertised, but it's much nicer than I thought it would be. The inside screen is very bright and easy to read, even when you're completely in the dark. The keypad numbers are the same way. The caller I.D. function is convenient to see on the outside display. The speakerphone is wonderful. The MyGreatcall online things are fantastic. You can check minutes used/left anytime in seconds. The Phonebook feature is the easiest way I've ever seen to put numbers in a cell phone. You don't even have to touch the phone. Just add/update/delete online and these changes are put on the phone instantly! You don't have to be a technological wizard or sit forever punching numbers on the phone to enter phone numbers. I'm now paying half as much as before (with the other phones), have exactly what I want (and not fancy do-dads I don't need or want), and absolutely LOVE this phone! Thanks jitterbug for having your act together. I sincerely appreciate it!
And here's a video that provides a testimonial for the Tracfone SVC:

Here are a few user experiences from the owners of the Doro PhoneEasy 410 from Consumer Cellular:

"Thank you for being such a great company. You make it so easy for those of us who still view a phone as a necessary convenience, but not an attachment to our bodies! Keep up the good work and thanks again."”  Anne S.

I keep a cell phone in my car for special needs or emergencies only. I had a little Nokia for almost three years that I used about six times and it was difficult (for me) to do the simplest thing with. This Doro phone is a pleasure in every way. It does what a cell phone is supposed to do and is very easy to set up and use. And in spite of some of the negative comments I've read it is a very nice-looking, well made little gadget. I'm glad I ordered it. It was promptly delivered and I'm more than satisfied with it. Consumer Cellular does everything right.
Michael K., NJ

Here's a testimonial clip for the ClarityLife C900 Cell Phone for Seniors:

Unfortunately, I was unable to find any for the Just5 cell phone for the elderly. If you know some then post them at the comments. You can also post testimonials on other phones not mentioned here. Perhaps you can also share your own testimonials at the comments.

We hope that by posting the testimonials for some of the best mobile phones for the elderly that you'll find useful info and be convinced to purchase or try one of the products.

Stay tuned for more information on cell phones for the senior citizens and related topics.

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Blogger PetalPixie said...

I'm always wary of testimonials, unless I know the person personally...because a testimonial is a very personal thing-what one person feels is good, may be mediocre to the next. Perspectives vary hugely. I like to look at the facts and constants. When I investigated the various options, Tracfone's Senior Value Cellphone was the cheapest by far($15). Their basic plans were cheaper too. They didn't ask an activation fee, which I remember 2 of the other options did. While the Jitterbug's appearance was nicer(to me), and they had other services, like medication reminders(at an added cost) price was my biggest concern, so SVC won the comparison. It's all about knowing your individual needs.

March 29, 2012 at 4:16 PM  

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