Tuesday, December 7, 2010

John's Phone: The Simplest Cell Phone in the World

Simplicity is one of the requirements for a good cell phone for senior citizens. The elderly prefer basic or simple handsets because they are easy to navigate, cheap and uncomplicated. So is the world's simplest mobile phone ideal for seniors? Let's find out.

THe folks over at John Doe Amsterdam wanted to build a basic phone. It's going to be the most basic phone ever but it won't be as dull and boring as other affordable phones on the market. But in this blog, we need to see if it can serve the need of seniors so let's look a the features of the John's Phone.

The John's Phone sports a black on white display at the top. Yes, it doesn't have a color display. Just the black on white display at the top that provides two lines that shows the recently dialed phone numbers, the signal strength, position of the lock switch and the battery status.

This senior-friendly phone also offers a large key pad. The circular buttons are large and dialing by feel is easy. The handset also offers a flap containing an address book and a pen. Users can then update address file at any time, even when the phone is switched off.

The John's Phone allows users to save 10 speed-dial numbers: one under each number key. It's ringer is loud and the vibration was strong enough to get noticed in a pocket. This handset for the elderly has no speakerphone but it ships with an earphone / mic that plugs into the micro-USB jack for hands-free calling.

This handset is strictly designed for calling. It does not offer ext messaging n an effort to be as simple as it can be.

That's it for this quick look at the world's most basic phone. Tune in as we feature more mobile phones for senior citizens.

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