Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Simple LG LX290 from Sprint

Here's another simple slider phone that can be useful for senior users. Let's look at the LG LX290 from Sprint.

Sprint does not offer a special plan for seniors but its line-up features a few senior-friendly mobile phones like the LG LX290.

This basic mobile phone is designed for the market for simpler phones without too many bells and whistles. It combines dedicated hot keys and quick access to vital features to simplify things for senior users.

The LG LX290 sports a sturdy slider design with a 2.17-inch display on the front that support 262,000 colors and 240x320-pixel resolution. This display produces colorful images and sharp legible text. A good feature for senior citizens with weak eyesight.

This mobile phone for seniors also offer a user-friendly keypad. The keys are well spaced and are in the form of raised bumps so elderly users can easily dial by feel. This handset also provides shortcut keys lead directly to the text messaging menu, your e-mail in-box, the alarm clock, and the calendar.

The LG LX290 does not offer a lot of features but it would still be great if list some of the highlights:
  • 1.3-megapixel camera
  • GPS with turn-by-turn directions
  • Bluetooth
  • mobile e-mail
  • 600-entry phone book
  • 34 polyphonic ringtone
  • wireless Web browser
  • USB syncing, Bluetooth
  • instant messaging (AIM, Windows Live, and Yahoo)
That's it for this quick look at a Sprint cell phone for seniors. Tune every week for more senior friendly handsets.

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