Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Owasys 22C: A Screenless Cell Phone for Seniors

Many seniors users want to own a cell phone because they want to have a mobile device that can help them to easily contact friends and family. Most of these users do not care about advanced features like 3G, Wi-Fi, or a camera. Some of them might not even mind losing the display.

The Owasys 22C is a phone that can be ideal for senior users with poor vision and blind consumers. This screenless mobile phone for seniors offers features needed to make and receive telephone calls. An easily understood speaking interface makes up for the missing display.

What are the other useful features of the Owasys 22C? Well, this senior-friendly phone also offers hemispherical-shaped keys tha protrude from the panel and are spaced sufficiently apart from each other so that it is easy to distinguish one key from another. A user with poor vision can easily dial by feel using this keypad.

Here are the remaining features of the

  • Menus and submenus
  • Battery Status and signal strength
  • Caller ID
  • Call history
  • Phone book
  • Ring tones and volume settings
  • Text Messaging
Needless to say, the Owasys 22C is a very simple phone. It's ideal for seniors who want an easy-to-use phone for calling.

The Owasys 22C is currently only available for GSM networks like AT&T or T-Mobile in the U.S. If you already have service with AT&T or T-Mobile, you can simply move the SIM card from your existing telephone to the 22C to start using it.

That's it for this post. Tune in for more cell phones for seniors and related topics.

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