Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Simple Samsung Stunt SCH-r100

It's not easy to find a new simple cell phone for seniors these days. Most manufacturers are concentrating on packing high-end features on handsets and finding a new senior-friendly model can be challenging. Fortunately, manufacturers understand that a market for simple and affordable handsets like the Samsung Stunt SCH-r100.

The Samsung Stunt SCH-r100 is a new handset offered by metroPCS and recently by Cricket. It's a simple device that may be ideal for senior uses. Let's take a closer look at this device to emphasize the qualities that make it a viable mobile phone for senior citizens.

This handset sports an internal display that measures 1.7 inches with backlighting and font sizes. It's a pretty good-sized phone for a compact device. Handsets for the elderly should have large displays for easier viewing by users with poor eyesight.

The Samsung Stunt SCH-r100 keypad is suited for senior users. It has a slight upward curve that leaves room for comfortable typing and plastic troughs between the rows of keys keep the buttons from feeling too flushed.

As mentioned before, this phone is simple to operate. The menu interface is mostly easy to use, with the help of an icon carousel for getting at tools.

This device also comes with a senior-friendly price: $39 and doesn't require a service contract.

That's it for this quick look on the Samsung Stunt SCH-r100 as a cell phone for seniors. Tune in to this blog for more useful news and information.

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