Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Volume Amplifier for Mobile Phones for Seniors

I found a useful cell phone accessory while looking for new mobile phones for senior citizens. They are some gadgets that allow seniors to use their mobile phones more effectively. This particular accessory can be useful for elderly users who are hard of hearing.

The volume amplifier at Assistivetechnologyservices.com is a good solution for senior mobile phone users with moderate hearing loss. This device can amplify the volume of a cell phone or cordless phone up to 3 times louder.

Elderly users with hearing problems can have clear and understandable conversations since this device increases incoming sound up to 24db. It can still be useful for user with no hearing issues since it enhance sounds from a phone by providing clarity in noisy environments.

The volume amplifier for cell phones for seniors easily connects between the phone and headset.

This device is compatible with most cell phones or cordless phones with a standard 2.5 mm handset jack. If your handset has a 3.5 mm handset jack then the product may not be suitable for your phone.

This volume amplifier for cell phones for seniors is being offered for $39.99.

That's it for this post. Tune in to this blog for more services, accessories and mobile phones for seniors.

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