Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Danger of Walking While Talking on Cell Phones for Seniors

I have posted numerous cell phones for senior citizens in this blog but I also feel that it's important to inform readers of the dangers that come with these modern devices. A study has revealed that using a mobile phone for seniors while walking may increase an elderly user's chances of being run over by a vehicle.

The study which was that was published online Nov. 5 in the journal Accident Analysis and Prevention, aimed to measure the danger's of talking while walking on a mobile phone.

The results shows that participants trying to hold a phone conversation took 25 percent longer to cross the street compared with those without phones and those listening to iPods. Cell-phone users were also less likely to finish crossing the street in the 30 seconds. However, the figures got worst when it comes to seniors.

Art Kramer, a psychology professor at the University of Illinois who conducted the research says, "Older adults on the phone got run over about 15 percent more often [than those not on the phone]...walking and talking on the phone while old, especially, appears to be dangerous"

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that talking on a cell phone takes a bit of concentration which might put someone in danger if he or she happens to be crossing the street. This appears to be amplified for seniors so elderly users are advised not to use their handset while walking.

That's it for this post on the dangers of walking while talking on cell phones for seniors. Keep on dropping by to get more information on services and phones for senior citizens.

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