Friday, January 16, 2009

The Wherifone GPS Locator Cell Phone for Seniors

I found another mobile phone designed for elderly users when I searched the web for more mobile phones for seniors. I stumbled upon a handset called Wherifone a GPS Locator cell phone for seniors. Let's discuss the Wherifone GPS Locator cell phone for seniors to see if this might be a fit for your senior family members or friends.

This special handset for seniors was created as a special handset for children and seniors and those who want to be able to track their locations. The Wherifone GPS Locator Cell Phone for seniors is being manufactured by Wherify a company that aims to equip mobile applications with location intelligence.

This cell phone for senior gives peace of mind to the user's friends and loved ones. The Wherifone GPS Locator mobile phone for seniors will provide them with information on the location of the user in case any emergency occurs. Modern life can be hectic so the peace of mind provided by this special mobile device for senior citizens is essential.

The Wherifone GPS Locator handset for seniors is equipped with GPS-based technology that allows the user to be tracked. With the help of the Wherifone GPS Locator mobile phone for seniors, the users can be quickly tracked on an online map. The user's location can also be obtained via a text message on any cell phone.

Users will find that the Wherifone GPS Locator Cell Phone for seniors is simple and easy to use. handsets that are uncomplicated and user friendly are ideal for senior users. The Wherifone GPS Locator Cell Phone for seniors allows users to stay in touch and call for help at the push of a button. This handset for the elderly haa 3 Easy Dial Buttons and a 20 number phone book. The three buttons on the this mobile device for the elderly can be used for preprogrammed numbers that can be used to make instant calls.

Of course, the Wherifone GPS Locator Cell Phone for seniors also have weaknesses. It has a tiny display which is not ideal for the weak eyes of senior users. It's also a very simple phone and it doesn't offer a lot of features. This specialized handset for seniors is specialized for making calls.

The Wherifone GPS Locator handset for seniors ias affordable which is good benefit. It's bing sold at $99.95 and service plans start at $19.95. This mobile phone for elder users is being sold at at Toys R Us, Costco, Sharper Image and may soon be sold by Walmart.

This ends another featured handset for seniors. Tune in to this blog to know more about mobile devices or seniors and mobile phone services designed for the elderly.

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Blogger custconsumer said...

Wherify Wireless, Inc.(Wherifone) customer service is unavailable. I have had a Wherify "Wherifone" for 3 yrs. Now that I do not have the phone or need the service, I find it impossible to cancel. I continue to be billed after many emails to "customer service" to cancel. I have called at least 80 times and am always sent to a recording that "This Mailbox is Full". The corporate office will not answer either. Once a customer is in the recurring billing loop, it's nearly impossible to get out. Now I have called my credit card company and they will do "charge backs" the last 3 months, hopefully. Consumer36

February 4, 2009 at 8:42 AM  
Blogger custconsumer said...

Wherify Wireless, Inc. For your own good, know that they do not respond to customer inquiries, either by e-mail,snail-mail, or phone calls to customer service. I think they may be out of business, but for some reason they continue to bill my cc.

February 4, 2009 at 8:51 AM  

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