Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Simple and Affordable Motorola MOTOFONE F3

Here's a new mobile phone for seniors. This time it's a slim cellphone called the Motorola MOTOFONE F3. Let's explore the details of this cellphone for the elderly.

The Motorola MOTOFONE F3 was targeted for customers in developing countries so it was designed to be user friendly. This handset is a great device for making and receiving calls. This is a good phone for seniors because seniors would prefer easy-to-use handsets. They would also benefit from this device because senior citizens mainly use mobile devices for making calls.

This Motorola phone sports a large display that would make it a good cellphone for seniors. The screen measures 34 x 43 mm and is called a ClearVision Display. The F3's display can really help seniors with less than perfect eyesight. It closely resembles the display of calculators and shows large numbers and other characters. The Motorola F3's screen shows black characters on the white background that are easy to read even when the users use the phone in bright sunlight.

Let's looks at this mobile phone for senior's keypad. The Motorola MOTOFONE F3 has a large keypad like other Motorola phones. Seniors will not usually go for handsets with flat keypads because they are difficult to use. However, the F3 has large keys that are divided up by curved rubber lines so seniors can easily distinguish between keys. The are also easy to press so any user will like them whether they are seniors or not.

Since the Motorola F3 is a basic phone, it is generally easy to use. It's a no frills phones that do not carry any complicated features that might befuddle a senior user. A senior would normally prefer to have a simple phone that provides a quick and easy way to make a call or send a message. The Motorola MOTOFONE F3 fits this description.

This cell phone for seniors also have a speakerphone which is a good feature for senior users. . A good speakerphone can allows a user to hold the phone away from a hearing aid to reduce feedback.

Another positive attribute for the F3 is its very affordable price. Its being offered for around $44 to $88 which is a good price. Elderly people seniors would usually prefer to have an affordable handset because they are usually on a fixed income. They do not have the luxury of going over their limited budgets so an affordable cellphone is their best option.

There you have it. Another good phone for seniors. Tune in to this site to get more info on cellphone for seniors.

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