Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Sturdy Sanyo SCP 7000

Here's another good mobile ohone for seniors, the Sanyo SCP 7000. I made a post on a similar handset, another tough mobile phone called the Sanyo SCP 7050. Let's see if the 7000 is also suitable for elderly users.

The Sanyo SCP 7000 looks similar to other Sanyo basic phones. It has a large speaker grille on it front face and a rectangular external display. It's not a very attractive phone as far as looks go but aesthetics isn't a priority if your looking for a cell phone for senior citizens.

The external display of this phone measures about 1-inch and is in monochrome since it's a basic phone. The external display offers useful information to the user such as the time, battery life, signal strength, and caller ID.

The Sanyo SCP 7000 has a large main display display that measures 1.8 inches diagonally. this is significant because a large screen is a requirement for a good mobile phone for seniors. It also has adjustable backlighting time and the font size which is good for seniors because it allows them to see the info on the phone better.

Let's move on to the keypad a key component for cellphones for seniors. The Sanyo SCP 700 has large rectangular keypad buttons that are raised slightly above the surface of the phone. This is a good attribute because this makes it easy for the elderly to dial numbers. The 7000's keys also have bright backlighting which helps seniors with weak vision to find the right buttons.

Since the Sanyo SCP 7000 is a basic phone, its quite easy to use. The controls and buttons are easy to use and simple. it also has a dedicated button to the speakerphone. This is a good quality that seniors can use. They don't need a complicated device that can do it all. The 7000 offers simplicity and ease of use.

The call quality on the Sanyo Scp 7000 is great and its speakerphone have remarkable clarity as long as the volume is not turned up to the maximum. This are great attributed for a cell phone for senior citizens. Good call quality means calls are clear and loud and a good speakerphone can allows a user to hold the phone away from a hearing aid to reduce feedback

This phone is also affordable which is a good thing for seniors who want to get this phone. The elderly normally have a fixed income and do not have the luxury of going over their budgets so an affordable cellphone like the Sanyo SCP 7000 would be a good choice for them.

There you have it. Another good mobile phone for seniors. Tune in to this blog to know more about mobile phone services and cell phones for senior citizens.

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