Monday, May 30, 2011

Accessories for the Snapfon ez One Cell Phone for Seniors

The Snapfon ez One is one of the best mobile phones for the elderly in the US market. This handset can cater to the needs of seniors but the handset's official website also offered other enhancements that can improve one's experience with the ez One. For instance, one can check out the plans that will suit your needs be it a pay as you go plan or an unlimited rate plan.Justify Full

The website also offers a number of accessories for the Snapfon ez One. These items can help to enhance the way one uses a handset. Let's discuss a few of these useful accessories for cell phones for seniors.

Desktop Battery Charger: this accessory is ideal for a battery that has been depleted and will not charge. It will bring a battery back to life even if it does not charge under normal circumstances. This item is compatible with Nokia-BL5c batteries and cost about ten bucks.

Hands-free Headset: This handy tool allows one to use the phone hands free. A convenient button allows owners to easily answer or end phone calls. This accessory is also cheap at just ten bucks.

Lanyard: This lanyard for the Snapfon ez One allows users to carry the phone round your neck. It's a good tool for users who often misplace their handsets. This accessory cost around five dollars.

These three items are just a few of the gadgets available for Snapfon ez One owners. Check out the website if you are interested in any of these accessories for mobile phones for the elderly.

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