Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cell Phone Plans for Seniors: PureTalk USA Flex Plan

I was browsing the Snapfon website when I checked out the section for their cell phone plans for seniors. This company offers the Snapfon ez One, one of the mobile phone for seniors I featured in the past.

Without further ado, let's look at the PureTalk USA Flex Plan for the Snapfon ez One.

The company pairs the mobile phone for senior citizens with the offerings of PureTalkUSA, a nationwide provider of low cost rate plans. Why is this plan ideal for senior users? Well, it starts at $10/month for 101 minutes with no contract, no restrictions, and no extra fees.

The PureTalk USA Flex Plan also allows users to adjust the plan to fit their needs and budget (hence the name FLEX, from flexible). Subscribers can select from 101 minutes to 1000 minutes depending on their needs.

There's another useful feature from this senior-friendly cell phone plan. The PureTalk USA Flex Plan offer rollover minutes so the elderly can have the freedom to carry unused minutes over into another month. They never expire so here's no need to worry.

Here's a chart that might help to explain this cell phone plan for senior citizens:

Visit the PureTalk USA website to get more details on this plan.

That's it for this post on the PureTalk USA Flex Plan. Join as every week as tackle plans, accessories and cell phones for seniors.

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