Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Amplified Neckloop for Hearing Impaired Seniors

The Jitterbug J, Tracfone SVC phone and the Just5 mobile phones are good devices for seniors because the consider the needs of the hearing impaired in their design. However, there are also some cell phone accessories that can aid hearing impaired users. Let's look at amplified neckloops and see how this accessory can hep hearing impaired seniors.

So how can this device help senior citizens with hearing issues? Well, a neckloop takes the sound coming from the mobile phone for seniors and converts it to an acoustic field compatible with hearing aids. This accessory cuts out the interference and feedback often experienced by hearing aid users.

Most of these devices are designed to be used with a variety of equipment such as corded, cordless and cell phones. Some neckloops can also be used to amplify a variety of audio devices including cd-rom and tape players, iPods and other MP3 players The neckloop can be used with telephones equipped with a 2.5mm microphone/headset jack and with most cell phones.

So how does one use an amplified neckloop for hearing impaired seniors? well, it's really easy and simple. The user simply plug the neckloop into a telephone and they can them can make and receive calls without the need to hold the handset with their hands. These accessories for senior-friendly mobile phones are equipped with built-in microphone that allow users to speak directly to the caller.

So where can one purchase an amplified neckloop for hearing impaired seniors? These devices are available at websites and stores that sell cell phone accessories. Specialty sites that offer amplified devices also have a good supply of neckloops. Amazon also offer a nice collection of these accessories for senior-friendly cell phones.

Tha's it for this post. Stay tuned as we feature more cell phones for senior citizens and other related stuff such as calling plans and accessories.

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