Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cell Phones for Hearing Impaired Seniors

A large number of people who are over the age of 65 suffer from a loss off hearing. This problem extends to the realm of cell phones because handsets rely on sound for communication. Of course, modern mobile phones offer text messaging which allow seniors to communicate with friends and family. However, there are other mobile phone traits that can benefit the elderly who are hearing impaired.

Let's discuss the qualities that should be found in mobile phones for seniors who are hearing impaired.

A good mobile phone for seniors who are suffering for hearing loss should have the following features:
  • compatibility with hearing aids
  • volume control or additional amplification
  • texting capabilities
  • vibration alerts and clips
  • backlight control and neckloops
  • support for ancillary devices to enhance performance
I've already blogged about hearing aid compatible handsets for the elderly so let's touch upon the other features quickly. Vibration alerts and clips are important because they can inform a user who is hard of hearing about incoming calls. they reduce the possibility of missed calls.

The "clam shell" or flip phone design appears to be the most ideal for the hearing impaired individual. These senior-friendly cell phones are more easily held to the ear. Some handsets also have padding that can block out background noise.

The longer profile of clamshell handsets of flip phones also minimize any interference that may occur as a result of proximity to any hearing aid because the design provide increased distance from the transmission components of the cell phone.

That's it for this brief discussion on the top cell phones for senor citizens who suffer from hearing loss. Stay tuned as we discuss more related topics and cell phones for the elderly.

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