Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kyocera A101K Simple Cell Phone for Seniors

Let's look at one of the early cell phones for seniors. The Kyocera A101K is one of the earliest mobile phones for seniors and was introduced nearly five years ago.

This device also prides itself in its simplicity. As you probably now, simple mobile phones work best for senior users because they are uncomplicated and easy-to-use.

The Kyocera A101K sports a slim body that is only 15mm. The phone was released a few months after the RAZR V3 so that may explain the trend towards the thin design.

This senior-friendly device offers a number of features that cater to the elderly. For instance, it sports One-touch buttons that make it easy to call numbers registered in advance. This handset also offers 3 programmable quick dial buttons located at the top that can be personalized by labeling it with a name tag.

Of course, the Kyocera A101K also comes with large buttons, a staple feature for a decent mobile phone for senior citizens.

However, this phone is voice-only capable so its limited to making phone calls. It can handle this task pretty well but text messaging is not possible with this device.

The Kyocera A101K features a talk time of 170 minutes per charge with a standby time of 270 hours.

hat's it for this simple cell phone for the elderly. Tune in to this blog for more news updates and cell phones for seniors.

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