Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Cell Phone Plan for Seniors: Net10 Easy Minutes Plus

We featured a Net10 cell phone recently so I think we should also look at the carriers plans. The plans offered by this company might also be suitable to the needs of elderly users because it specializes in prepaid plans. Let us examine the Easy Minutes Plus plan from Net10.

The Easy Minutes Plus plan provides an affordable monthly option for consumers. For only $15 per month(30 days of service) it provides 200 minutes automatically without any cancellation fees. This can be translated to about 7.5 cents per minute.

Consumers can also choose to pay $30 per month if they want more minutes. For this price, the Easy Minutes Plus plan from Net10 will provide 500 minutes for 30 days of service. This amounts to around 6 cents per minute.

But what about if you run out of minutes in less than 30 days? Well, that's not a problem because subscribers can buy bundles of 50, 100 or 150 minutes at anytime.

So is this a good cell phone plan for seniors? Well, it is cheap at just $15 for 200 minutes. Consumers who use a bit more minutes per month can try the $30 dollar option which provides 500 minutes. The need of seniors are suited to prepaid plans because they are flexible and affordable. I guess it would boil down to coverage and service.

If you have Net10 service in your area then this would be a good option for senior citizens or occasional mobile phone users.

That's for this feature on the Net10 Easy Minutes Plus. Visit us regularly for more posts on cell phones for seniors, plans, services, and accessories.

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