Monday, July 25, 2011

The Motorola i576 Nextel Direct Connect Phone

A visit to the Nextel Direct Connect website allowed me to spot a possible candidate for seniors who are seeking for a cell phone. The Motorola i576 is a simple phone that can cater to the needs of seniors.

This mobile phone is designed to be a durable and user-friendly device rather than a handset that is marketed to fashion-conscious consumers. This simple designed makes it ideal for the elderly who only require a dependable phone for making calls, sending text messages or a tool for emergency situations.

The Motorola i576 is a rugged device that is ideal for folks who work on the field. However, I feel that rugged mobile phones are also a good fit for seniors. Since the elderly do not have a steady source of income, a mobile phone that has a long life and can endure a few bumps and bruises eliminates the need to purchase a new device after a few months.

The features for the i576 are pretty basic. It's outer shell sports rubber sidings, an extendable antenna, and an external display. There's no camera since it's designed to be a reliable and easy-to-use phone.

The external display is a bit small but the main display is a bit more useful. It measures 1.75 inches wide and supports 64,000 colors. Users can change the change the backlighting time and the font size, a feature that is useful for senior users who have weak eyesight. This mobile phone for senior citizens also offers a user-friendly keypad and navigation array. The buttons on the keypads have good size and spaced far apart from each other. They're also raised above the surface of the phone with large numbers and letters and a bright backlighting, which makes it easy for users to dial numbers or compose text messages.

Reviews of the Motorola i576 also provided good feedback on its performance. The speakerphone calls made with the device were satisfactory and it provided great voice clarity and plenty of volume.

The Motorola i576 is currently available for $279 at full price and just $79 with service.

That's it for this cell phone for seniors. Stay tuned as we feature new mobile phones, plans, accessories and more.

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Blogger John said...

This is an amazing handset. Exactly what I was looking for to buy to my kid. I may even purchase one for myself.

July 26, 2011 at 2:38 AM  

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