Monday, March 26, 2012

EmporiaConnect A Flip Phone for Senior Citizens

Emporia recently made some waves at CES and MWC with a number of new phones for the elderly. We have covered a few of the devices earlier this year and we shall look at another one to let our readers be exposed to the latest devices that target folks who are at an advanced ages.

The emporiaConnect is a product that is slated to enter the market in the fall of 2012. This phone may reach the US market but we still are not sure. Emporia has made it known that they will expand their business in North America so this handset may fall into the hands of seniors in the US and Mexico.

Now let's look at the physical features of this phone. The dedicated page for the emporiaConnect is a bit stingy with the details but it does indicate that it will sport a 2.8 TFT (240x320) display. This obviously refers to the size of the internal camera as it is a flip phone. The images show that it will also offer a smaller external camera.

Here are some of the official images for this phone:

As can be observed, this cell phone for senior citizens sports an emergency button at its back. The website indicates that the emergency function of the phone is integrated with A-GPS. That should allow the user to be located quickly in times of emergencies.

I can also see a flashlight button, which can come in handy and a dedicated camera button. The buttons on this appear to be large and easy to press. The details on the displays also show the graphics to be sharp and fairly bright.

The description for the emporiaConnect also indicates that it will offer "loudspeakers are even hearing aid compatible." As if the emergency button was not enough, the phone also comes with a speed dial function that allows users to dial three important telephone numbers with a single tap of a finger.

Here are a couple of videos that show this device in action:

So do you what you see of the emporiaConnect? Do you think that this phone should also be available to US consumers?

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