Monday, September 19, 2011

The LG Revere Prepaid Phone from Verizon Wireless

Let's begin this week by looking at an affordable prepaid phone from Verizon Wireless. The LG Revere was recently launched and comes with a few modern features such as A-GPS, mobile email, and the ability to upload pictures to Facebook. However, this simple cell phone can also be a good phone for senior citizens.

Why should seniors consider a phone like the LG Revere from Verizon Wireless? Well, it's an affordable handset. It's offered for free with a prepaid plan or a two-year contract. Free is always a good thing when it comes to senior consumers. Many retired folks no longer have a steady source of income so a free mobile phone is a welcome offer.

But its affordable price tag is not the only thing that makes the Revere a good mobile phone for the elderly. This phone also delivers well when it comes to performance. A good phone for seniors should be able to make or take phones call and this handset did not disappoint. The handset's call quality was impressive and we did not observe any distortion or crackling on our calls.

Now let's look at the phone's design. Is the body of this handset senior-friendly? Well, let's look at the main display first. It's important that this feature is not small since many seniors suffer from weak vision. The LG Revere sports a main display that measures 2 inches diagonally. The size isn't remarkable but it offers 262,000-color support and a 176x220-pixel resolution allowing it to provide bright and colorful graphics.

The keypad and navigation buttons of this handset are also suited for beginners and seniors. It won't take long for users to get used to navigating the device. There is plenty of room underneath the display for the navigation buttons and keypad so users won't find the phone cramped. The large buttons on the keypad are a bit flat but separation between each one allows users to text and dial by feel.

That's it for this feature. Visit us regularly to get your dose of mobile phones for seniors and related topics.

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