Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Easy-to-use Nokia 2320 GoPhone

You don't have to be a genius to know that a cell phone that comes with minimal features and a user-friendly design is a good fit for senior users. Well, in this post we will feature an easy-to-use cell phone that can fit the requirements of senior citizens.

The Nokia 2320 GoPhone may not look impressive but can turn out to be a gem of a device for folks who are aged 65 years and older. Even if it doesn't offer impressive features it can still function as a phone for the elderly.

Let describe some of the points that make the Nokia 2320 GoPhone a good cell phone for senior citizens.

Let's start with the design. This mobile phone sports a basic bar style design, which is pretty much as simple as you can get when it comes to mobile phones. There's no need to flip or slide. The phone is ready to use without pushing any buttons or doing any other physical actions.

The phone's body is made of plastic but that's a price to pay for an affordable handset. The design includes a 1.75-inch display that supports 65,000 colors and 160x128 pixels. It's not very impressive but it has bright colors and is visible even in daylight. The standby font color and font size are adjustable, which is a good thing for users with weak eyes such as the elderly.

The key pad is also simple with flat buttons. Fortunately, the spacious arrangement makes them easy to use. Texting quickly will result in mistakes but seniors are not prone to hurrying so it's not a big issue.

This basic, affordable phone also offers solid call quality. Users of this phone can expect voices to sound natural and strong volume. However, the Nokia 2320 GoPhone's speakerphone is a disappointment as the calls were garbled, and voices were distorted.

Overall, the 2320 is a solid mobile phone for seniors. It's user-friendly design and simple features are suitable to the needs of the elderly. AT&T is no longer selling this phone but interested consumers can get it from other online retailers such as Bestbuy and Walmart.

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