Monday, September 26, 2011

The Cheap Samsung T105g from Tracfone

We often feature clamshell cell phones in this blog so I figured that it would be good to feature a handset for folks who prefer a bar style phone. The Samsung T105g from Tracfone is an affordable handset so folks who want an inexpensive option should take a closer look at this phone.

Since I mentioned that the T105g is a cheap phone (check the title), I think we should discuss its price first. Tracfone is offering this phone for $9.99. It's a prepaid phone so there's no need for contracts and credit checks. It's also paired with a prepaid plan so its flexible and you only pay-as-you-go.

Ok now let's look at the features that makes the Samsung T105g from Tracfone a solid choice for consumers who are looking for a cell phone for seniors.

The body of this phone comes with a bar style design. It's not the folding type offered by flip phones and clamshell so you don't have to worry about breaking its hinges. It's a relatively light phone and is mainly created from plastic. It's an affordable phone so you really can't expect premium construction for it.

Let's proceed with the color display. frankly, it's pretty small at around 1 inch by 1 inch. Most display's from cheap phones average around 1.8 inches so its smaller than standards. However, it does have a few things going for its such as its fairly sharp resolution.

The keypad for this handset is better than its display when it comes to being a good handset for the elderly. The buttons are not separated but there are deep grooves which allows users to distinguish a button from another. There is also a good keystroke response so one can dial or text with minimal problems.

The Samsung T105g is a simple phone with basic menus and functions so it's suitable for seniors and beginners. One will not spends days on learning how to use it. It works best as a device for calling friends and family.

Here's a video review from YouTube to give you a closer look at this mobile phone for senior citizens.

Tha's it for this post. Visit our blog for more features on cell phones for seniors and other related topics.

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Blogger ZB44 said...

Very informative blog post, thank you. Tracfone is one of my favorites when it comes to affordable reliable prepaid phones. I also heard you can do international calling on Tracfone, do you know if that's a separate thing or a prepaid card or how it works?

September 29, 2011 at 4:38 AM  

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