Monday, May 16, 2011

The Samsung Wise Classic and Samsung Wise Modern

Samsung has launch a number of cell phones for seniors arround the globe. The senior-friendly mobile phones by Samsung that have been featured on this blog include the Jitterbug, the Knack, the Haven, and more.

Samsung also recently introduced a couple of mobile phones for senior citizens for its South Korean market. The Samsung Wise Classic (SHC-Z100S) and Samsung Wise Modern (SHC-Z140S / SHW-A240S) are simple mobile phones that can cater to the need of the elderly.

The features for these handsets include a GPS, T-DMB, media player, and dual screens. But what are the senior-friendly features of these handsets.? Well, you have a large screen, large buttons and a simple interface with large fonts and icons.

Now these handsets are not likely to arrive stateside but let's hope that Samsung will bring similar models to the US.

Do you think that the Samsung Wise Classic and Samsung Wise Modern can help US senior mobile phone users?

Stay tuned as we bring you more phones for seniors and related topics such as plans, accessories and services.

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