Monday, May 23, 2011

EPI Life Phone: the EKG Mobile Phone

Can a cell phone save a user's life? A number of mobile phones for seniors come with a Personal Emergency Response System, which allows users to automatically call your emergency contacts in case of any untoward incident. However, one phone took it to another level.

The EPI Life features a built-in electrocardiogram measurement function linked to a 24-hour health concierge service. That's right. This mobile phone can take an EKG measurement.

So how does it work? well, the device can complete a reading within 30 seconds. This data can be sent back to the firm via GPRS anywhere in the world. A team of 10 cardiologists is available round the clock to analyze the collected data for life-threatening conditions. An appropriate emergency response will be rendered by Ephone International's call center including a private ambulance service, which will expedite patient admission into any of its three partnering local hospitals, and on-call doctors.

The other medical features for the EPI Life phone also include the ability to monitor blood pressure, glucose, and cholesterol. Other features for this handset include a 2.8 inch full touch screen, multimedia suite, calendar and internet browser.

This special cell phone for seniors is designed by Singapore company Ephone International. It was first showcased at CommunicAsia 2010. This handset is currently available in Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong.

The makers of this handset plans to offer the technology to other mobile phone manufacturers in the market, so there's a chance that we will have an EKG mobile phone in the US.

Stay tuned for more posts on cell phones for senior citizens and related topics.

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