Monday, April 25, 2011

The Simple and Rugged Motorola i296

Frail and delicate handsets are not ideal for seniors. Elderly users need a sturdy device that can withstand a few bumps and falls. Senior citizens have a limited budget so they can't afford to purchase a replacement after their phones broke down after a few months of use. A durable cell phone like the Motorola i296 can be ideal for senior users.

Of course, durability and ruggedness are not the only attributes that make the Motorola i296 a good cell phone for senior citizens. This handset also offer other capabilities that make it an ideal device for baby boomers. Let's talk about those qualities in the next few paragraphs.

The i296 is also a simple and easy to use mobile phone. Seniors will not spend a lot of time to learn how to use it and there are no complicated features that can cause confusion. It's a cell phone that is made for making calls and sending text messages. It can even be described as ultra-basic since it lacks a camera, music player, and web access.

I mention previously that good cell phones for seniors should be able to withstand being dropped a few times. Well, the Motorola i296 is mil-spec 810F compliant for dust, shock, and vibration resistance. It can take more punishment that most mobile phones in the market.

The rugged i296 also comes with a user-friendly keypad. It features raised, easy-to-press, cleanly separated keys. This means that the phone is easy to navigate and the elderly can easily dial numbers or compose messages.

This handset also comes with a senior friendly price of $49.95 contract free.

Other key features for this cell phone include a 1.8-inch display with 128-by-160 pixel resolution, Bluetooth, 600-entry phonebook, speakerphone with voice-activated dialing, multimedia and text messaging.

That's it for this durable mobile phone for the elderly. Stay tuned for more articles on handsets, accessories, and plans for folks over 65.

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